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Kingdom Adventurers MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds) v2.2.5

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NameKingdom Adventurers
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Diamonds
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Kingdom Adventurers MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds) is an extremely new simulation game, developed by Kairosoft. The game simulates a prosperous kingdom, where monsters hide behind the mist. If you want to experience running a kingdom, this is the game you are looking for. You will transform into the king of a civilized dynasty, your mission is building and developing your kingdom.

Introduce about Kingdom Adventurers

Build your kingdom

Kairosoft is a very famous video game publisher, based in Tokyo, Japan. They specialize in producing and developing mobile games with extremely attractive and engaging pixel graphics. Their titles are widely sold around the world and are well received by the gaming community. Along with that, they also produce and publish free games. Kingdom Adventurers is the latest free game they have launched.


Kingdom Adventurers owns a fairly simple storyline. Simply does not mean this game is boring. In fact, when participating in the game, you will have many fascinating missions and adventures instead of just sitting in one place and running the kingdom. But at the core, you still have to build a prosperous kingdom, protecting the peace of your people.

Although the game does not focus much on the story, it is still extremely attractive to players. Kingdom Adventurers attract people by the gameplay very carefully invested by the developer. They specialize in producing RPGs with extremely high quality, especially about gameplay. Not only that, the way the characters are created and the gameplay of each game is completely different. This game is the same. Before playing this game, I thought that it was merely a building and tower defence game, but the essence behind it is attractive adventures are waiting for you.

The movement of this game is also very simple. On the screen, there is no button for you to move characters, interactive buttons, … Touching to control your characters.

Recruitment and training

Kingdom Adventurers takes you on fascinating adventures, not merely building your own kingdom. You can recruit adventurers to serve the adventure, explore and destroy the monsters hiding somewhere so that the people will not be attacked when leaving the kingdom to exploit the resources. In addition, you can also train adventurers, give them weapons, … so they become stronger and destroy all the monsters. Not only that, but they will also be your guard while exploring the new resources outside the city walls.

Build your kingdom

Although the game has a lot of interesting adventure, but do not forget the top priority task is still developing your kingdom. You can easily build buildings, palaces and stores, … Make your kingdom more prosperous and developed. Once completed, you can upgrade and remodel them to become more modern and comfortable.

Besides, you can also set the rules of your kingdom. This is the interesting thing that the publisher has brought to the player. It helps to make your experience more authentic when playing the role of a king who runs an entire kingdom.


All Kairosoft’s games are designed with pixel graphics, Kingdom Adventurers is no exception. But each of their games has a unique style, which is what makes them an popular game maker in Japan because of their ingenuity in game design.

MOD APK version of Kingdom Adventurers

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Items
  • Unlimited Stamina

Note: Your money and items will not decrease

Download Kingdom Adventurers APK & MOD for Android

To me, Kingdom Adventurers is an amazing game that you should try it out at least once. The game will bring you the feeling of authentic experience when transforming into a king with the desire to build your kingdom. However, the game has a drawback that data, the progress of the game will not be saved in the cloud. When you delete the game or reinstall it, the data is also lost.

Review & Discussion

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  • jonathan-9-8-sim avatar
    Jonathan Sim

    Thanks for the quick updates to this game! However, Kairosoft has noticed and disabled access to the diamond store. any pvp online features and gacha pulls. Hoping that this restriction would be updated in the next patch :)

  • ghostthick000 avatar
    Ghost Thick

    The mod is great, but for some reason, if i want to use sturdy board to unlock in royal room, it says i don’t have any, but i have plenty in my inventory. Thats same for other room, to unlock the room feature thats locked. I think it was Something todo with file moded to lower size from original and i think that the cause, so some feature not work because either delete for mod or beacuse of bug after modding. Thx

  • deathcore30 avatar

    Please update, thankss!

  • tuyulaok10 avatar
    Anak Mamah


  • kingdomadventurers avatar

    Pls update to 2.1.0

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