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High Sea Saga APK + MOD (Unlimited Money/Medals/Research Points) v2.3.5

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NameHigh Sea Saga
Package Namenet.kairosoft.android.pirate_en
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Medals/Research Points
RequiresAndroid 4.4

With High Sea Saga MOD APK version of APKMODY, your financial problem has been completely resolved. As a result, you can purchase support items, recruit crew members and build ships more quickly.

Introduce about High Sea Saga

I have had the chance to experience some Kairosoft games and draw a comment that most of the games are pretty cute and bring many interesting experiences for players. Besides, they are all built with classic pixel graphics, and that means, there’s a lot of nostalgia and fun waiting for you to explore.

Recently, Kairosoft released High Sea Saga, a desirable management simulation game. Play as a captain trying to build a crew and a legendary boat to explore seas that no one has ever set foot in! Where will courage take you? Let’s experience the game and find the answer right now!

Become a talented captain

The goal that everyone in High Sea Saga is aiming for is to explore new seas and search for the treasures buried by legendary pirates. And to be able to do that, you need to build a powerful crew with a ship that is good enough, strong enough to resist storms, monsters and other pirate fleets.

High Sea Saga mod apk

The economy will solve almost every problem in the game. You have to spend money on every job, even the smallest. Crew members will not agree to join your team if you cannot pay them a salary, or provide them with daily food. You also cannot develop ships, build-essential structures without the money to buy materials. These are quite realistic, right? They make up the appeal for High Sea Saga.

And more than that, as your crew grows, you’ll be eligible to unlock new seas. There may be precious treasures buried under the ocean for thousands of years, but with it, there are dangers that await you. Treasure belongs only to people who deserve it! Remember that.

Recruit sailors and build your pirate empire

The crew is an important part of High Sea Saga’s high seas journey. Each member in a different position will assume a corresponding role, privilege and ability.

High Sea Saga gameplay

For example, a trader will help you build an item shop on the ship. You can find a lot of useful things here when your ship has a problem and needs help. Meanwhile, the builders (Joiner) will work more efficiently, reducing the time to build or fabricate items.

Recruiting crew members is very easy. They can be anyone looking for a job, in the places you go set the foot in. You have the right to refuse someone or notify them of an opportunity to be a member of the crew, on a quest for treasure and new things.

The crew members all have a level system. You can upgrade them to improve their performance, speed and personal ability.

Join the fierce wars at sea

Sailing on the high seas and searching for treasure is the goal of many pirates. You will be fighting them on a regular basis, and as such, always be ready to fight. Availability here includes human and technological factors. You can assemble weapons for your ship, use them to destroy the enemy ship and win the combat.

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Besides that, you will also have to face with sea monsters and treasure guardians. They are quite aggressive and brutal. You need to make sure your forces are good enough to win against them.

If you’re economically viable, you can also make trades to get stamina-boosting items. These items allow your crew to complete more missions, reducing the number of times you have to replay a level because you’re not strong enough.

MOD APK version of High Sea Saga

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Medals
  • Unlimited Research Points

Download High Sea Saga MOD APK for Android

High Seas Saga is a game with cute graphics and content, similar to the games that Kairosoft has released before. But this time, the journey takes place at sea, with more challenges, more tasks and more enemies.

However, there is a minus point is that High Sea Saga has quite a lot of ads. It appears at the bottom of the screen, even automatically playing a 30-second video every time you switch to another tab. Therefore, you should disconnect from the internet while playing. The benefits of the advertisement do not mean much anymore, because you have a lot of money when using the MOD APK version of APKMODY.

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