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NameDream Town Story
Package Namenet.kairosoft.android.miniature_en
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

I want you to know that I am also playing this game before the review. Dream Town Story MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a compact city-building game with 8-bit graphics, featuring nostalgic, cute, and real life. This is an exciting mobile game created by Kairosoft on both the Android and iOS platforms, making the player a real town’s owner.

Introduce about Dream Town Story

Transformed into a mayor

The mission of this game is quite similar to The Sim Mobile and Home Street, where you will be playing as a mayor who is in charge of the leadership and development of your town to become a prosperous city, grow and bring happiness to everyone in the town.

You will start building your town by paving the way, planning the land and calling people to live in the town. You need to pay attention to the lives of every family in the town, to understand the life of each of your residents and to help them enjoy life in the town. Many factors are influencing their decision to stay or move, such as environmental issues, landscapes, social amenities, etc. As mentioned, each migrant has his or her own life, this guy likes to play games and eat cake, while the girl has hobbies run in the park …

You need to help them to be satisfied and feel good about life by adding bonsai, building parks, opening up utility services in town … You will feel happy! Really incredible, you will feel very happy to see your residents happy in a busy everyday life.


Dream Town Story starts with the character creation screen, where you will allocate stats points to your residents. Important data is HP, IQ, and Work. These indicators directly affect your town; such as the high Work that will help people get jobs, HP affects the distance people can move: your store can frequently be visited, and you get more money.

Your residents also have other indicators: enthusiasm, charm, and talent. When residents have a good job, they will have more money, and you will also get more from tax. You can also build buildings and recruit new residents to work there.


You will have to spend money to build the buildings in this game. I’m a bit disappointed about it because you can only move a building up to 2 times a day unless you pay. Suppose you place a structure in the wrong place, in the middle of your road, and you can not leave it there. Real money, not money in the game. So, be careful when placing any buildings.

“It’s okay, just delete the building and replace it,” I thought you would think too. But deleting a building will cost you money.

Be careful with your debts

This game puts heavy on debt problems when you start building your town, you have to borrow from the game to have the cost of building the necessary buildings. And when you get rich, it’s time to repay your loan. So be cautious of what you will do because if you build too many facilities without any residents paying attention to them then you will incur a huge debt. And now it’s hard to pay the debt without destroying the buildings.

My advice is to build things close to your people if you do not already have one.

Online mode

Dream Town Story allows you to travel to someone’s town, but not their real town, which is the town in the game. If you have played the game then you probably already know that the friends list is locked area, which means you can only have friends from within your country. The United States can only friends people from the United States, Canada only have friends Canada, Japan only Japanese friends, …


As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Dream Town Story is designed on the simple 8-bit graphics platform. No need for a beautiful 3D graphics, Dream Town Story has conquered the player with a simple, familiar design inside an engaging gameplay.

MOD APK version of Dream Town Story

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Your money increases as you use.

Download Dream Town Story MOD APK for Android

Although there are still some features in Dream Town Story that make me feel unhappy. But if you want to play this game, you should try it. Dream Town Story now supports both Android and iOS platforms, which you can download via the links below.

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