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Kairosoft is a mobile game publisher specializing in idle career simulation games. In its rather large fortune, there is a classic simulation game that is quite picky to play, but anyone who sympathizes with it will find it difficult to leave it. That’s also the game I want to talk about today: Game Dev Story MOD APK.

Introduce about Game Dev Story

Reach the top of the video game industry!


Game Dev Story tells the story of a president of a newly opened game startup. Your mission throughout the game is to quickly create an impressive first game to make a profit, and then continue to other great games to make the business grow stronger and stronger than ever.

Addictive from the very simplicity

Honestly, I very admire the addictive art of Kairosoft. It has simple gameplay, classic simulation, and old 8-bit visuals, but is terribly attractive. Like its brothers, Game Dev Story leads you slowly, from “nothing” to “little”, then to “much”. After all, you move to another aspect of management and decision-making. The fascinating whirlpool of profits, revenue, fame, and a strange bond of passion will keep you glued to the screen, to the point you are unable to take your eyes off it. I’m not kidding.

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The whole development of the game production business you own in Game Dev Story, for those of you who are wondering, is also the most vivid picture of the game making industry in Japan, which has gone through so many ups and downs and is now at an extremely high level of development.

Let me tell you how deeply it reflects reality

Sometimes you and your team frantically run a project to make a game for a certain platform, and then suddenly it stops developing as the situation happened with Atari or Telstar.

Other times, you have to decide whether to bet a die on some new game-making technology initiative created by employees and want to get to the bottom. If successful, you will shine. If failed, the only way will be to return to your countryside.

The game has been criticized for being a flop already even when it hadn’t been released. But when it was officially released, it was as hot as a super cake. Is this incomprehensible situation familiar to you?

Another story. When on the verge of bankruptcy, you borrow money from different places and live with your staff for one last battle, and luck has smiled with you. This story is also too familiar, isn’t it?

One morning, you wake up and suddenly receive so much criticism and bad comments and racist scandals, an allegation of music piracy, and all kinds of rumors, which can happen before, during, and after the launch of a new game. Are you strong enough to deal with these scandals?

Or another situation when you want to separate from the crowd to do your own thing with your best confidence. Like inventing a new gaming system.

Or work with the team under pressure to create a completely new game, from concept to gameplay, way of approach, and promotion. You do that to fight one-on-one against the big fish in the industry. Remember, the story of Sonic vs Mario in history will be worth you following.

You will experience many things in real life in this simulation game

Making games is using knowledge, understanding, and overcoming “waterfalls”.

Game Dev Story is not only about the life of a game startup president but also skillfully integrates a heroic historical period of the game world. Through the introduction of gaming consoles from the 20s, 40s, and up to now, the game lets you understand that every industry has a long history, and if you want to be a part of that flow of time, you must be a great person.

Game Dev Story for Android

And when being a great man is an easy job? Never. Because to be a qualified and talented game production business owner, you will firmly row before thousands of waves.

This principle manifests itself in the series of actions, decisions you make as a leader. Challenges are everywhere at any time, and they can just hit you in the face without warning. New lines of game consoles appear constantly, and licensing costs are getting higher and higher. The needs and tastes of game players are always changing, and they need new and unique things but are sometimes also super loyal with classic values. The customer groups of age, in each geographical area also have different tastes.

Specific instructions 

Starting, you will only have one employee. You make the first game together, have a certain success, then hire more employees, expand the products and slowly go up. The lifecycle of a business you run consists of three stages: starting up, growing, and eventually rising to an empire.

In the early stages of establishment, to avoid overspending, you will only be able to hire a maximum of four employees. They have a variety of specialties that you can choose from scriptwriter, coder, designer… Then depending on the situation, you will find more hot candidates with rarer fields like a hacker. Each employee will have four indicators including Programmer, Scenario, Graphics, and Sound. Depending on their expertise, they will have different high and low indicators. The most reasonable is to recruit and balance salary based on these.

Talk about the company-oriented game genre. You are free to choose the path you want to go, such as aiming for racing games, martial arts, role-playing, or strategy games. Any genre can be in Game Dev Story. Matching game genres with a reasonable storyline and gameplay will lead you to success, and vice versa. The better the game, the higher the Fun, Creativity, Image, and Sound stats of the game.

How to make a video game in Game Dev Story?

A game will be made through three stages: choosing the person in charge of (1) the script, (2) writing the code, (3) making the images, and finally the sound. Sometimes with games that are huge and weird investments, when you first hit the market, you’ll change your process slightly (as in the well-known Final Fantasy story, the collection of Draw sketches of massive characters and monsters from Japanese artists had been made even before the code and gameplay were formed). For each type of game, you will choose the right employee. Or sometimes hire an individual outside or a third-party company.

Game Dev Story MOD by APKMODY

There is one point you need to pay attention to during your working and operating process is Research Data. This point will gradually increase. It equates to experience gained when the business grows. This point will be used to increase employee salaries, train employees, and increase user trust.

MOD APK version of Game Dev Story

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


You choose “Continue” to play with a lot of money.

If you want to play the original version, select “New Game”.

Download Game Dev Story MOD APK for Android

Game Dev Story is certainly not beautiful. It just has 8-bit graphics, so what do you ask for? However, the core of success does not lie in appearance but the simple and empathetic gameplay. Playing any game of Kairosoft, you can easily feel like the game designer has done many works simulated in the game or something. Playing Game Dev Story, I also feel the same. Also, thanks to these 8-bit graphics, the gameplay becomes more focused, dramatic, and has a lasting appeal.

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