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NameForest Camp Story
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Research Points/Items
PriceFREE $5.99
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Myson at home is now almost 10 years old, all day he watches on TV that people go camping and says “I will also make a campsite as beautiful as this and then invites his friends to play, do you like it?” I didn’t say anything, just quietly give him this game and said “Play it and then we’ll discuss it”. After playing it for more than a month, I haven’t heard anything about that dream anymore.

Introduce about Forest Camp Story

A arduous dream about managing a campsite in the middle of the forest

Forest Camp Story and its differences

First, I want to make one point clear: Forest Camp Story is a boring pixel graphics simulation game of the game company Kairosoft. But actually, this is a very cool game and brings more excitement than you think when you see the poster.

Kairosoft, which specializes in mobile games and has made some pretty popular games like Burger Bistro Story, Dungeon Village 2… All are simulation games that are quite easy to play, cute, and easy for players to show off their building and managing talents. Forest Camp Story is also a game with a similar structure but includes many different elements, bringing more excitement.

The first difference is your role in the game. Not just an ordinary staff, or a loyal assistant, but in Forest Camp Story, you have been a campsite manager in the forest from the beginning. Accompanying you is your assistant. The task is to build, manage and operate a camping service area, combined with other recreational activities such as fishing, horseback riding, campfire, sightseeing in the forest. And there is not one, but what will later be a series of epic, exciting campsites like this spread across the country.

The second difference is about the business orientation in the game. It’s not about bringing in as many visitors as possible right from the start, then taking money from them, continuing to build up the missing parts slowly. Forest Camp Story is a story of balancing revenue and investment. Right from the start you have a decent amount of capital on hand and are allowed to do many things. You need to build up a decent scale from the start before new visitors come in. Subsequent additions are only service expansion and diversification, not the core part. The reality is the same in real life. For people to come to me, I need to have a decent campsite first.

What will you do in Forest Camp Story?

In the game, you will take over your land and find the best place to build the first camp. Note that it is a location where visitors who come to camp later will feel most comfortable, especially, where they can take photos to keep beautiful memories.

Next, you will need to renovate to build some more special relaxation areas such as bird watching, fishing, horse riding, night bonfire. Your ultimate goal, the same as every other campsite: make the visitors stay with you for as long as possible and give them the most fun time and space here.

After completing the basic steps at the campsite, you must continue to design tours with guides. This is an indispensable service in the forest campsites, both for a sense of adventure and safety for all exploration needs. The more variety of tours of this type you build, the more different you will be compared to other campsites. Depending on your imagination and business mind, you can build many unique tours such as Visiting Rabbit’s house, Visiting a brown squirrel cage, Morning with Robins…

Next, you will need to continuously promote to attract visitors to your camp. Stable revenue then you continue to expand to different services, and attract new visitors. Make your camping resort become an attractive destination for everyone and lead the camping craze in the country.

This game is easy to play, but it’s not easy. I don’t blame my son…

Graphics and sound

Like its previous games, the manufacturer has chosen a familiar pixel graphic style for Forest Camp Story. But it still ensures the rhythm of the character’s movements, the sharpness of the colors, and the richness of the scene and everything around. Graphics of this type in my opinion is also a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it is very friendly (because most of the fun simulation games have this same style), easy to play and control (because the player is too familiar with the genre and form), but on the other hand, it can feel a bit boring.

Especially when there are so many simulation games coming out these days. Of course, to invest more, spend more time forcing the developer to trade off many things, while they may not be ready to do so. Anyway, it’s still a good game in the pixel emulation genre.

The game has gentle, melodious background music, with many reasonable breaks for players to adjust their concentration. Interspersed are the sounds of the deep forest such as wind, chirping birds. Just a little, but every time it comes out, it makes you smile.

MOD APK version of Forest Camp Story

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money (do not decrease)
  • Unlimited Items (do not decrease)
  • Unlimited Research Points

Download Forest Camp Story MOD APK for Android

You have to understand, what visitors want to find in a quality campsite is not a tent and dirty mud. It is a peaceful, relaxing lifestyle full of experiences through camping right in the middle of the forest, between wild nature and deep green forests. So managing a campsite and also expanding it is not easy at all. Anyway, playing this game is still so fun and relaxing.

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