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NameHot Springs Story 2
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Hot Springs Story 2 MOD APK is a casual simulation game from publisher Kairosoft. You play as the two owners of a hot spring resort, step by step building all the necessary equipment and turning their resort into the best place for guests to stay.

Introduce about Hot Springs Story 2

How does a Japanese hot spring resort operate and develop?

Hot spring resort in Latin transliteration of the Japanese term can be read as Onsen Ryokan. In which, Onsen is a natural hot spring, Ryokan means an accommodation facility, providing accommodation and catering services, gentle entertainment for guests.

A second simulation game of building a hot spring resort

In Hot Springs Story 2, you play as the owner of a hot spring resort. The game is designed with Japanese-style scenes and characters. In the game, you can choose the color of your kimono.

I believe you will scream with excitement when you see the campus for the first time, even though it is still empty: the entrance is wide, made of Japanese bricks and wood, the whole space is covered with fresh green grass. In the middle is a guesthouse area which is surrounded by planks, with a floor as high as a stilt house in the forest area of the Asian. Right at the small gate leading to the front of the guesthouse is a lotus pond, next to the reception counter.

A little further to the right will be the Facilities room where all the furniture and equipment for the resort are stored, and in the left of the guesthouse is the kitchen, where everything will be served according to the customer’s wishes. That’s all, it’s empty and pretty simple, but the background is beautiful and seems to be ideal for building “a property” next to the hot springs. 

Owning a hot spring resort, how will you start?

Your first mission is to close the registration of owning a natural hot spring right on the campus of the resort. While waiting for your manager to do the paperwork, you will prepare everything related such as building the bedrooms.

At this time, the menu on the right of the drop-down screen includes the following functions: Target, Request, Staff, Cooking, Tourism, Build, Store, Supervisor, Info, System.

You should select Build. Soon there will be another menu appearing in the middle of the screen, including Environment (build a room), Facilities (provide necessary items in the room), Stores (buy other equipment with existing money), Outdoors (make outdoor activities and services). For example, if you want to build a bedroom, choose Environment. The screen shows a bedroom in the style of a Japanese chalet, your task is just to touch this room item and drag it to place it in the position you think is suitable. Then don’t forget to bring the room some basic items.

When you have the first few guests, you need to build a restaurant area to serve their dining needs. Oh! There will be more guests. You should continue to build a new room, in parallel with the renovation of the kitchen. Everything must happen within the allotted time before the new guest waits too long and leaves.

One important thing that needs to be done at the same time is to build a separate male and female communal bath. The bathrooms must be big enough, spacious enough, comfortable enough, and attractive enough to draw them in to relax and listen to the gurgling stream next to them. This will be the key point to attract guests and make a difference for your resort.

The process continues until the guesthouse area is full of everything basic for the sleeping, resting, and eating needs of guests.

The following stages are also full of challenges

It’s time to decide to make long-term profitable services such as providing Cauldron Bath, Foot Bath, Outdoor Bath… Although it is just an auxiliary, it is equally important because it is related to the Onsen strength of the resort. It is also a thing promoting the guests to accept to pay extra for the best experience.

Next, you need to build some entertainment facilities to attract guests such as Ping Pong tables, convenience stores, mini children’s play areas, hair care, and nail care area, cute little Chocolate shop, etc. At the same time, you should diversify the dining menu in the restaurant area by adding regional specialties such as Ramen, Sashimi, Sushi, Japanese pancakes…

Everything about the facilities is almost okay, right? Now is the change in the overall look of the resort. You should consider hiring more well-trained staff to ensure the best service and give every service a friendly image. Next, it is necessary to plant a lot of trees around the resort so that guests only need to look at the color of the leaves to feel the beauty of each season and the sophistication of the owner who is you.

With high quality, service diversity, attentive team, beautiful overview, the resort’s required foundation is complete. Now what you are lacking is a long-term development plan and strategy to attract tourists to your resort. You need to make a good marketing plan, build more ski slopes for all time in a year, or combine with a fun amusement park nearby, or combine with travel agencies to pick up guests to your resort, make special seasonal programs to welcome guests (for example, arrange a mighty Pikachu team in the summer, a dark ninja team in the winter, and a cheerful Doraemon in the spring, etc.), your imagination, creativity, and recklessness will come into play at this time. 

That’s all you need to do. Those are just the “first bricks”, not to mention your ability in the maintenance of the number of guests, of the infrastructure, and the quality of all services in the resort to keep old guests and gain new guests. Maybe that’s enough for you to see that even if it’s just a very small game, the amount of work and decisions made is extremely massive.

The difficulty for the player

Of course, it is not about the gameplay because there is only to select, touch and drag and tap on the screen. Almost everything you have to do is making a decision, and there is always a guide from Manager AI.

But the biggest headache is the consideration. Where should the first rooms be placed to have the best location for not only the most suitable feng shui but also the space of the next rooms? While there is a need to build two or three things at the same time, what should be done first? Then when guests need a hot bath and good food and even beauty care, which one should be prioritized while you only have one hand?

Things get tricky when you have about 10 things that need to be decided at the same time. That’s the time when Hot Springs Story 2 really becomes valuable because it is extremely realistic.

MOD APK version of Hot Springs Story 2

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Free Shopping

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For me, it is a beautiful game with playful graphics, vibrant colors, and a beautiful Japanese-style perspective. The speed of the game is faster and super exciting. The simulation game that you must play this summer is nothing other than Hot Springs Story 2.

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