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Magician’s Saga APK + MOD (Unlimited Diamonds) v1.2.7

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NameMagician’s Saga
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Diamonds
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Magician’s Saga MOD APK is the latest action role-playing game from Kairosoft. This game is simple, the plot is simple and the control is easy, from 10 years old and up can be played.

Introduce about Magician’s Saga

Embark on a grand adventure as a spell-casting hero in this chill-out action & simulation game.

Magician’s Saga, an easy-to-play action simulation game

With a nostalgic style, pixel graphics, lovely small shapes, pleasant simple gameplay, Magician’s Saga still maintains the inherent tradition from the publisher Kairosoft (Japan).

Of course, Magician’s Saga still has its own path and the undeniable appeal of a pure chill-out game.

When playing Magician’s Saga, you will be a relaxed and free Mage who loves to travel the world. On one occasion, you went to a city occupied by hordes of fearsome monsters. Unable to indifferently turn away from the pleas of the people here, you decided to stop and fight to protect the city and save the inhabitants from those terrible monsters. Your weapon is a magic wand and rare courage. With these two items, is it enough for you to defeat the crowd out there?

It can be seen that this is a fairly classic opening style often seen in fairy tales. That’s why the opening Magician’s Saga has brought a feeling of familiarity and comfort to everyone, from children to adults.

Fighting and building at the same time when playing

In Magician’s Saga, you mostly have 2 main tasks: fighting and building.

The battle is when you face monsters, using wands and spells that are increasingly leveled up through victories to take down this entire ferocious army. Mages’ spells are divided into 3 main groups: Fire, Water, and Thunder. Depending on the enemy, you will come up with suitable magic combination tactics to defeat quickly. Each monster has its own weak point. Exploiting this weakness, you will quickly find a suitable fighting method.

In terms of combat manipulation, playing Magician’s Saga must be said very easily. Although it is a role-playing game with a pretty classic opening, when entering the battle, you do not need to press the manual button many times to cast Magic like other games, but you just need to touch a magic icon corresponding to the magic you need to develop and then the game will automatically handle the rest.

Every time you use magic, of course, you will lose mana. But mana in this game is as easy to collect, just by letting the character walk around and breathe in the air a few times, it is possible to restore the original energy. Exp can also be automatically obtained, not to mention you can pick up fun things on the way. In addition, each time you battle, you will get items that drop from them.

Building a city is also an important task that you must do while fighting monsters. When building you will experience many fun little things. The more sustainable the city structure improvement, the more useful items you will have to fight monsters. These items are what enhance the Magician’s magical power. This is a long-lasting weapon that will help you confront more powerful monsters later on.

It is the support, connection, and interweaving between the two big missions: Fighting and Building in Magician’s Saga that makes players go from this curiosity to curiosity, wanting to go deeper to experience more interesting levels. In other words, this game is very addictive

Colorful pixel style

Targeting diverse players, the 2D pixel graphics of Magician’s Saga follow the cute and lovely school, even the monsters in here are a chubby, colorful mass that’s not scary at all.

However, not because of that maximum simplicity, the character of Magician’s Saga is not flexible enough. On the contrary, they move quickly, neatly, somewhere, the auto-attacks of the spells are also well deployed. Although there are a few places that are a bit repetitive in the fighting part and it’s too much background music, but in general, this game still has the voltage stabilizer effect, reasonable skills, and smart AI.

MOD APK version of Magician’s Saga

MOD feature

Unlimited Diamonds


Diamonds increase when you spend.

Download Magician’s Saga APK & MOD for Android

In short, Magician’s Saga is an easy and fun role-playing game. Will the town be restored to its former glory? It’s up to you, young mage! Let’s download and play this game right away.

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