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NameForest Golf Planner
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
PriceFREE $3.49
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Forest Golf Planner MOD APK is a sports game from Kairosoft that simulates golf course management. This developer’s unmistakable detailed and pixelated graphics style will give you a game to remember forever.

Introduce about Forest Golf Planner

The game simulates mastering the golf course: managing and playing golf endlessly!

A good career simulation game can keep players for a long time with logical and meticulous details. In fact, not many simulation games can do this. So, for those of you who love this genre (I’m one of them), once you find a game you like, you will be very grateful and want to keep it on your phone to play it day by day.

One of the games available on my device is Forest Golf Planner.

I’m not really into golf and don’t really know much about it. But when I saw that the publisher was Kairosoft, I immediately downloaded it, largely because of the reputation and stable performance of the games released by this company on mobile. And it really didn’t disappoint me.

Talking about this game, I will not talk about golf. Instead, I will talk about the golf course management aspect. This part is quite interesting to me.

Own the golf course, create any business model you want

In Forest Golf Planner, you play the role of an owner of a large golf course that is beautiful and located right on the edge of the forest, enjoying the entire space and airy atmosphere brought by the green forest. In general, the place is very suitable for making a golf course.

In fact, at first, there was almost nothing in hand except a green and empty land. You will bring a new business form to this space. With a passion for golf, you decided to bring Golf here, creating your own economic project. You start shopping for the first items, renovating each area, and finding ways to attract golfers.

The beginning will be pretty rough. With the limited amount of money available, you can only do one thing at a time, one thing after another, the need arises, you solve it. But thanks to that, you will have more time to observe the real needs of golfers. They need a sun tent; you will realize you need to invest in a tent. They need to buy nice sportswear, and you will find a way to build a stall selling…

Or you may not need to do the above and go your own way. I like to play simulation games like this for easy thinking. What kind of business secret is not going from the needs of the customer up? If you stick to it, you can succeed. Choose a business path that suits your personality, this is when you have many directions to choose from.

The way to get rich is both difficult and easy

Persevere like that little by little, you start to have patrons. They talk about your place and more new visitors come. The land is now expanded with more training areas for students. You create a self-contained golfing environment. From the beginner to the professional golfer preparing to compete, they all need training and practicing. You will give them a big reason to visit this golf course.

Then you provide more services in the future, such as resorts, camping and resting areas. The more eye-catching, tasteful services you have, the more opportunities you have to make more money. The more money, the higher the ability to expand the golf area.

Later with more money, you also do the role of show producer. The standard golf course will be chosen as the venue for the competition with professional tournaments. This is both a time to generate additional revenue, attract funding, and a way for you to spread your reputation to fans of this luxury sport.

Enjoy playing golf

At this golf course, you are not only the owner but also a skillful player. There’s a huge yard for what? Playing golf with guests or practicing golf by yourself will also bring you many interesting minutes.

With just a little bit of interest in golf, you’ll be able to get into the game very quickly. Those who have experience in this sport will even like it much more. Because in the golf part, Forest Golf Planner is divided into different levels and challenges. Both beginners and advanced players have their place. You can start from the most basic level, learn the theory, and practice for the first time. Gradually developing your skills, you will challenge yourself in annual competitions to get valuable prizes.

MOD APK version of Forest Golf Planner

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money (Increases when you spend)
  • Unlimited Nature Points
  • Unlimited Heart Points

Download Forest Golf Planner APK & MOD for Android

The game offers simple pixel graphics and is easy to understand. The details are not picky but are very perfectionist, which is the expression of one of the best games. If you are curious to know how amazing golf is, perhaps the only way for you is to play Forest Golf Planner. 

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