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Spotify APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v8.7.66.534

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MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
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If you are a music lover but haven’t found a good music app, download Spotify Premium APK (MOD Unlocked) now.

About Spotify

What is Spotify?

Spotify is the top 1 music streaming platform with a vast number of users. According to statistics in 2015, the application has reached the milestone of 60 million users (including 15 million paid users), an impressive number. What made Spotify the best music streaming platform today?

Listen to the right music and podcasts

It can be said that Spotify is the “king” in the field of providing music online as this application owns a huge music store with over 40 million songs. All are copyrighted music of high quality. The application constantly updates the new songs and albums to help users quickly find the song they want.

Just like regular music stream services, you can find any song by entering the song title, artist name or album name in the search box above the application. Click on “Show all results” to let the application display the entire search results.

Compared to rivals like Apple Music or Pandora, Spotify has a huge music store than its rivals. You can find a song of any genre like Pop, EDM, Hard Rock, Jazz, K-Pop, etc., for free. In the free version, you will enjoy the songs in blending mode, ie the application will play any song related to the song you searched for initially, and you are not allowed to select songs you want to listen to.


Based on your history and habits music, Spotify automatically suggests songs you may like and composes them into a playlist. These playlists are sorted by genre and mood. When you open the Discover Weekly at the top, you’ll see songs you have not listened yet, but you’ll probably like. Especially, whenever your favorite artists release new hits or albums, the app will send you instant notifications.

Pros and Cons


1. Compatible on all platforms. You can listen to music on, software for PC or Mac, or through mobile apps…

2. The ability to automatically suggest great songs. Nice interface and easy to use.

3. High quality music, the songs are fully copyrighted.

4. Unlike Netflix policy, here we have a free plan.


1. The premium subscription price is quite high.

2. Does not support lyrics display feature. This feature has been removed.

3. Only available in limited countries.

Upgrade to Premium?

When using the free version, you cannot select the music and listen to music offline. Meanwhile, for only $ 9.99 per month (applies to more than 60 countries around the world), you can unlock all the excellent features of Spotify. Listen to music and download high-quality music (320kbps and Lossless), create personal playlists, play on-demand radio and of course no ads during use.

In particular, you can register and cancel the Premium package at any time, without any constraints. Compared to Apple Music, Spotify’s personal and family Premium packages are more expensive but in return for more attractive features, you can consider this.

Currently, Spotify is free 1 month of Premium experience for everyone. If you are considering, you can try it out before making a decision.

MOD APK version of Spotify

What is Spotify Premium MOD APK?

This is a modified version of the original application by the talented developers at APKMODY. By various methods, we analyze in-depth the application and adjust individual sections. You can benefit from these adjustments.

Spotify, after being modified, can use most features of the Premium subscription. So it can be said that the version we offer is Spotify Premium APK.

Why need the MOD version while this app is free?

Although it is free, you will not be able to use some essential features when listening to music such as repeat, random play, listen to high-quality music… without upgrading your account to the Premium subscription.

In our Spotify MOD APK, you will be able to use these features without paying any money.

MOD features

  • Unlocked Spotify Connect
  • Unlocked Spotify Inbox
  • Unlocked Storylines
  • Unlocked repeat mode
  • Listen 320kbps music
  • Unlimited Shuffle
  • Search your music
  • Listen to any song you like
  • Block Ads
  • Removed Various Cosmetic Features
  • Dark Amoled Theme

Note: Some server-side features still require payment to use.


Is Spotify Premium MOD APK version safe?

Yes, it is modified directly from the original application. We have tested it thoroughly before posting, you can rest assured to use.

How to install the MOD version?

You just need to uninstall the original version of the application, and then you can install the MOD Premium version without any problems.

If you have trouble, you can leave a comment to get help.

How to login?

If you want to sign in with your Facebook account then follow these steps:

Step 1: Uninstall/disable your Facebook App
Step 2: Login with your Facebook account
Step 3: Done! Reinstall your Facebook app if you want.

You should Sign in with your Spotify account to avoid problems. Signing in with your Spotify account is much simpler.

The MOD version not working?

If you can’t use Premium features, try logging out of your account and then signing back in.

How to update the MOD?

The MOD Premium version at APKMODY is the Final MOD version. This application will still work without updating so you do not need to update to the latest version.

Can I download the MOD version for iOS?

Is not. The application only supports Android. You can only install it on Android devices or on PCs via emulators.

Can I download music to my device to listen offline?

If you are signing up for a Premium plan, you can. If you are using the free package or the MOD version, unfortunately, you cannot do this.

Why can’t I access Spotify?

Chances are Spotify doesn’t support your country. Please use the VPN app to change the IP address.

What is Spotify Palette?

Spotify Palette is a utility that allows you to discover your music taste with color. If you want, you can try it at

Spotify alternatives?

There are dozens of apps that can replace this one. Here are 7 popular music apps:

1. SoundCloud
2. Sony Music
3. Apple Music
4. Youtube Music
5. Gaana Music
6. Yandex Music
7. Amazon Music

Download Spotify Premium MOD APK for Android

Although there are some downsides that need to fix, Spotify remains one of the best music streaming platforms in the world. This app supports many platforms such as Android, iOS, PC, Mac, you can download via the links below.

Review & Discussion

4.61/5 (56 votes)
  • 13faktawira avatar
    fakta wira

    It’s works

  • eunicalacormier avatar
    Eunica La Cormier

    I love it thank you ♡

  • oussamaelhilali21 avatar
    oussama el hilali

    Thanks a lot ♥️

  • ataturkosman62 avatar
    Osman Ataturk

    It was working for me but now it’s not. Anyone know what is going on?

    • ataturkosman62 avatar
      Osman Ataturk

      It works now, read Joshua Maxer’s post to do get it working

  • asqaraliyevabror382 avatar
    Abror Asqaraliyev

    It’s the best

  • zakdagus avatar

    The best and legit site

  • kotov85 avatar

    Working now after loging out and back in. Thanks for the sweet mod!

  • jeffklepach avatar
    The Omnimator

    @Joshua Maxer7. You’re a legend!

  • joshuamaxer7 avatar
    Joshua Maxer7

    Its working!

    Note: If you want to sign in your account and you still see the premium payment, then try to re-intall again without deleting Spotify.

  • tiktok19852021 avatar
    Tik Tok

    Thanks so much for this mod Spotify sucks without premium and this mod give Spotify premium for free 👍😊😊

  • bryno727272 avatar

    Premium works but group sessions just disappeared

  • amanadhikari4444 avatar
    NO ONE

    As great as always.
    But cant download and listen songs offline!!
    Can you mod that also please!!
    All of us here are very grateful

  • monkey-nimous avatar
    L Monkey

    Thank you !!!

  • maayanasaraf200 avatar
    maayan asaraf

    Its so good i even download to the all family

  • clongblythe11 avatar
    Sonny DC

    I love this and thank you for the app! But the only problem is the pop up animation at the bottom are always showing up everytime i touch any function within the app. I hope you make it shorter and it will only appear everytime we open the app just like the previous versions.

  • sofiamora3030 avatar
    Brando Hernandez

    Can you make the pop up shorter?

    • clongblythe11 avatar
      Sonny DC

      Same recommendation

  • ddsrinivas0007 avatar

    Please get rid off premium tab at the bottom in latest mod version

    • ddsrinivas0007 avatar

      My bad, it’s fixed , thank you for mod , love u

  • eunjink0613 avatar
    EunJin Kim

    The app works well the only problem I see is that the songs that have canvas, if you want to share in Instagram story marks error and can not be shared, I think the rest is perfect.

  • kobatochan651 avatar
    Kobato Chan

    Man I love this I don’t have to pay for it thanks for recommending me this website i love it 😊😊

  • swayam12354 avatar

    This Mod works. But how to listen toh 320kbps quality? It doesn’t work on that. Whenever i try toh change the quality toh “VERY HIGH” it doesn’t change . And remains only at “HIGH” quality which is 160kbps.. Please Reply

  • bxsilkdr7 avatar
    Basil 7

    Actually everything is perfect in your Spotify mod but can’t download the songs🙂💔 Thts sm wht sad

  • keremdeniz2005 avatar
    kerem d

    Its absolutely works amazing, but we need update

    2+2=5 im not a bot
    thanks you for this apk

  • kosmosisdire avatar
    Nathan George

    Yeah so the mod didn’t work until I logged out and back in like the other comment said. Before that it was all messed up. But it works now!

    (I am not a bot it does actually work)

  • tobiassoderlund123 avatar
    Arthur Morgan

    Thanks it’s working perfectly!

    • limitro33 avatar

      I’ve been using the mod for years but, in the last two updates, I haven’t been able to share songs to Instagram that have a canvas attached to it

  • roselanamirulhakimi avatar
    NovaBoy Gamerz

    Works for me :) if you have issues of the mod in your device , try log out the Spotify and then log in back. Mod should works

  • azadalibp avatar
    Azad Ali

    Will something happen if I login to Spotify with my main account??

  • chaidchoco87 avatar
    Chaidir Setiawan

    Thank U

  • ryan-alfani avatar
    Ryan Alfani

    New version can has not repeat button?

  • bobooblocksberg avatar
    Bobo Blocksberg

    👏👏👏👏🤝thank you very much, it works perfect

  • onnaschi7 avatar
    Onna Schii

    Does my streams count officially???

  • skmdaffan002 avatar

    Thanks a lot. Got rid of the annoying ads. Can’t be more grateful.

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