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Dream House Days APK + MOD (Unlimited money, tickets, points ) v2.3.2

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Name Dream House Days
Package Name net.kairosoft.android.apart_en
MOD Features Unlimited money, tickets, points
Version 2.3.2
Size 32.37 MB

Dream House Days MOD APK is a classic simulation game from Kairosoft studio (Japan), skillfully combining two genres: construction and management. Do not think that only rubber things can be addictive, there are very popular and academic ideas that will blow you away at any time. Dream House Days is that kind. You can play online or offline as you wish and never fear the game is end.

Introduce about Dream House Days

A simple idea but not everyone dares to use it

Japan has always been a country that produces the most bizarre things related to arts and entertainment. The "weird" in the game from Japanese studios is shown in a very subtle and attractive way. Ideas come from trivial things in life or characters with unimaginable shapes and backgrounds or possessing a deep, detailed, and complex story. Dream House Days is the first case.

Stemming from the fact that in Japan, as workers, working in big cities, up to 80% people have to rent accommodation. But you do not play the role of a lodger, but the role of a new hostel owner. Is this also the dream of many people struggling out there: making a lot of money, accumulating to buy the first house, then more houses until you becoming a motel owner. You just orchid and take care of Koi fish every day and then collect money at the end of the month.

But Dream House Days also keeps you busy

Being the owner of the inn is not happy. And as mentioned from the beginning, the game combines both Construction simulation and Management simulation. To have the desired accommodation suite and then rent for people, you have to work for every dollar, each item to build the house. First, a narrator is claiming to be the house's assistant, instructing me on making an initial investment to get a house with 4 empty rooms, from which to start decorating, renovations, and home upgrades to begin renting.

Every word: repairing, buying, upgrading, renting, choosing tenants … is quite complicated, not like I thought pressing a few buttons is done. For example, in the renting stage, finding who wants to rent a house really takes a lot of work: finding advertising services, posting news, distributing leaflets, contacting people who want to rent, then negotiating, signing contracts,… And remember that is only a tiny part of the "building simulation" part in the game.

The interesting in this simulation game is the reality. In general, what happens in real life, even the sentence "life is not like a dream" is also shown very correctly. Along the way, when you upgrade and manage your motels, 100001 things suddenly happen, forcing you to play mini-games to solve.

Form of accumulation of points, according to me, is quite strange and interesting, with three types to choose from depending on the stage of work:

  • Cash $: used to buy a house, repair furniture, buy room items and receive monthly rent from the tenant.
  • Research Points: used for stages related to inquiry, reference, shopping around, and learning about relevant papers and certifications (such as marriage certificate, health certificate, permit for accommodation business).
  • Tickets: It is only for high-end activities, buying important items like raffle-winning lottery tickets, or paying for a rental ad service.

Managing a rental home is not easy

If you are lucky enough to pass the construction stage, you will go to the equally tough, Management. This is when you demonstrate flexibility and assess your acumen situation, which is called "managerial capacity". Once you find a tenant, you will have to check the accuracy of the personal information they provide, from their occupation, background, education, health and habits. Each of these categories is more or less related to affordability, the level of "rebellion" (because if they have a lot of bad habits and bad hygiene, it means the maintenance of the home will be much more tired in the future)

The game has many options here, and it's very kind in that: depending on your decision with each of the tenants' "metrics" you will get different attitudes and behaviors from them. For example, looking at the tenants with half an eye, belittling their job, you also don't get their respect.

Face many interesting situations

Dream House Days also did not forget to add a few situations that make life making your inn owner even more confusing. For example, two people living in a boarding house may fall in love, move into one house, get married, and have children. You don't think you have any effect if it all goes like that. Absolutely not.

When they have children, their children go to school. You have to stand out to certify the baby's whereabouts. There are many endless stories from only one or two people to rent, not to mention the number of tenants up to ten. How many things falling from the sky that do you deal with?

The game is also flexible for your customers to choose from many ways to pay the rent, many situations to negotiate between the owner and the tenant to find the best solution for both parties. But once you are an inn owner, your ultimate goal is to make money that makes a business profitable. If you chase emotional decisions, you will definitely lose money and lose the game.

So you get caught up in the cycle of thinking, upgrading, choosing, deciding, and then thinking for the next decision. If you have the capacity, your house will be expanded, even expand to more expensive locations with more spacious spaces, of course, the rental price will also increase. If you do not have enough energy, you will circle in a small building with meager monthly money and poor tenants. Isn't our life such endless loops as well?

MOD APK version of Dream House Days

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Tickets
  • Unlimited Research Points


Increases when you use.

Download Dream House Days MOD APK for Android

This is a game that I thought much after trying it out. Seeing life as both interesting and complex at the same time. After that, I thought it would be better to give up all my work and play but living around like this is monotonous. If you want to experience the motel owner's life, please download Dream House Days MOD APK here.

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