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Final Fantasy VII APK is a seventh part of an epic series of role-playing games of Square Enix. This is a special part with a lot of improvements, from graphics, shapes to some unique points in the gameplay.

Introduce about FINAL FANTASY VII

No longer with 2D Escape, Final Fantasy creates an epic journey right on mobile 

You will no longer play a 2D game

The game is the first Final Fantasy to feature 3D graphics and CG footage. It is very worth the effort of Yoshitaka Amano, who worked continuously for several years to invest in shaping the game’s cast. In the past, while looking at his drawing and the pixel screen of the game, I really felt a terrible mood down. Why? Because the beauty of the majestic, overly detailed, and flying drawings was mercilessly reduced by the bit graphics. All the tall and muscular characters had become chunky, fat squares on the screen. They could only be distinguished by a little bit of body shape and the color of clothes.


But, when it came to Final Fantasy VII, everything was different. A truly heroic, glorious, and a mighty new world comes to the characters of Final Fantasy. It opens up a whole new world of excitement in players. Thanks to 3D graphics, everyone can be ‘themselves’ as the template in Yoshitaka Amano’s drawing. Honestly, when I opened this game, I felt amazed and breathed a sigh of relief. My favorite game is now available on mobile in a beautiful 3D version.

Not only is the character shown in its original form, beautiful and shimmering, and extremely satisfying. But also, the enchanting scenery of the magical land along with the fierce battles appear in complete 3D. You wanna know how I feel? Surprised, shocked, and satisfied.

Free to play in the open world

At first, we could only move within the city of Midgar. Then through the victories, you will open up new lands yourself with a lot of mysteries behind. Every time there is a new development and a new unlocked space, it is also when the story goes a step further. The freedom in Final Fantasy VII is conditional, and you must fight hard from the beginning to continue to the next parts.


The skill system in Final Fantasy VII is also based on Materia, magical gems that can be put in special locations on Weapons and Armor items. Materia will help the character to be able to use Magic spells, special summons and perform various skills. Materia will affect the character’s stats. Each time adding a Materia, it will add or subtract a certain stat depending on its type.

FINAL FANTASY VII free download

The second point that makes an unforgettable impression on Final Fantasy VII is the “terrible moves” – Limited Break, like the last move when the character’s repression and resentment come to climax. Each character will have a Limit bar, which increases when the character is hit. When the bar is full, the character will be able to perform a life-and-death attack Limited Break. The feature of this ultimate move is extremely high total damage, many times higher than normal attacks.

Active Time Battle

When fighting, it will still be turn-based combat based on the Active Time Battle (ATB) system that has been used in the previous few game parts. But this time, Final Fantasy VII only lets you choose three characters in the team to fight at each time, not as many as before. This rather strict limit makes players have to think when choosing, not randomly choosing just because they like it. And it also pushes the game’s tactical level to a new one compared to other parts. For the three people to be chosen, you have to think it through. Decide who defends, who heals, who spells, who attacks with weapons. Everything must be carefully thought through.

Final Fantasy VII is a perfect mix between real-time action and classic turn-based combat. Specifically, when attacking normally, you may not need to wait, you just need to attack. But when you need to use skills, special spells, or a Limited Break move, you need to wait a while to fill up the energy bar or give yourself a chance to think again. The rush of the RPG game mixed with the rhythmic element of the timeout makes the rhythm in the game go up and down very attractively.


Like the PC version, most of the Final Fantasy VII for mobile retains the plot and gameplay.

It started when a character named Cloud joined the AVALANCHE group to attack the Mako nuclear reactors in Midgar city. During one attack, the group were trapped. The reactor exploded, and Cloud was injured and unconscious. Here Cloud met Aeris and accompanied her to help her escape from the pursuers behind. But unfortunately, then Aeris was still captured.

The rest of AVALANCHE decided to break into Shinra’s main facility to save Aeris and successfully escaped. How could they? Because another villain, who is even more powerful, appeared and destroyed the entire Shinra system. His name is Sephiroth. During that chaotic attack, a few people realized that the headless body of a Jenora creature had disappeared from the laboratory.

Through many ups and downs, the group finally understood Sephiroth’s secret plan: He wanted to hurt the world so that the Lifestream could gather in one place to heal. He intended to take this precious stream of energy and merged it with his body to be reborn as a God who ruled over all realms.


After a few more lines of events, everything started to become clearer. It turned out that many years ago, Zack Fair (Aeris’ lover), Tifa, and Cloud together fought against Sephiroth. But unexpectedly, he was still conscious and reincarnated in the Lifestream after being thrown in the Lifestream by a group of knights. Aeris died in battle with Sephiroth but was able to summon Holy magic.

However, the magic was still not enough to fight Sephiroth. Cloud then got free from Sephiroth’s mind blockade, along with Tifa to uncover the secret behind the mastermind, Professor Hojo, who was behind everything and was Sephiroth’s father. And the timely arrival of the Lifestream completely destroyed everything related to large-scale crimes. Midgar city has been destroyed but peace has returned to the whole Planet.

Well, even a single day cannot fully explain the details, events, and timelines that appear in Final Fantasy VII. It’s roughly the same story motif in other Final Fantasy games: there’s always someone who lost his mind, someone who was mind-controlled, a few people sacrificed, a villain who turned out to be not the final boss, the final boss was behind everything to control and create a tragedy. In all the game series, no matter how different the setting, the story always moves that way.

Download FINAL FANTASY VII APK free for Android

The game is a full set of quintessential visuals and addictive sound. The JRPG action gameplay is traditional yet modern enough. The character set is personality, the story is too deep and full of twists. I cannot find a reason not to play Final Fantasy VII.

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