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FINAL FANTASY IX APK is an extremely attractive RPG released by Square Enix. This is also the final game of the Final Fantasy series on PlayStation.


An excellent role-playing game!

Final Fantasy is an RPG with quality content, although the graphics are not beautiful. But those are only parts of Sony’s PlayStation. Currently, Final Fantasy series game has become a storm-making game with Final Fantasy XV released in 2016. Unfortunately, the game was cracked just before its release but still gave the publisher a huge revenue stream. And the upcoming VII of the Final Fantasy series will be remade and will release next year. This is good news for Final Fantasy fans.


FINAL FANTASY IX is the final part of this game on the PlayStation with the story “Back To Original” and “The Song of Life”. Princess Garnet, the heir of Alexandria, is kidnapped by Zidane and Tantalus. But they were surprised that a princess always wanted to leave the magnificent castle. And that is when the story begins, the princess and Zidane begin an amazing journey to discover the secrets of the Crystal held by an evil force. That force is threatening to destroy the world.

Immersive RPG gameplay

FINAL FANTASY IX is the best RPG game yet and there are no comparable games. These titles all share the same gameplay as turn-based play. Each character will have a turn, you can choose to attack normally or use the skills and use the items.

RPG titles often appeal to players in the storyline and of course, Final Fantasy has a super-compelling storyline. The game has a plot that really attracts players, they will be caught up in a mysterious adventure. Not only that, creating the character image of the game is not unique but creates a distinctive character and becomes an icon. And their characters are extremely popular from the players, which is what makes the success of an RPG.

Join the adventure

FINAL FANTASY IX really appeals to players in many ways. With extremely attractive features, you will surely feel extremely satisfied. First, the equipment system of the game is diverse, you will be amazed by the huge arsenal of games. No weapon is useless in the game, you can pair old equipment to create new equipment that is more powerful than before.

Trance mode is also an attractive feature. Each character will have a Trance gauge and the bar will increase with the length of the match. When you fully charge a character’s Trance, you will be able to use an extraordinarily strong individual skill. Each character will have different Trance skills so please slowly explore them.

Overall, this game outperformed RPG games in every way. And items that are never wasted are what publishers want. Other games tend to replace stronger equipment and leave out old equipment. But with FINAL FANTASY IX, no equipment is useless. All are useful, so keep this in mind when playing.


There are a number of mini games that you can entertain without playing Story mode. FINAL FANTASY IX has a lot of mini games so you can relax after tired adventures with your teammates. Chocobos are a mini game that allows you to control characters to find treasure. In addition, the game also features card games, blackjack, frog catches, and many other exciting mini games waiting for you to explore.

Download FINAL FANTASY IX APK for Android

FINAL FANTASY IX is truly a top-notch RPG game that you can’t ignore. If you are looking for an adventure game, this is our suggestion. From character creation to the plot of the game are extremely impressive. Therefore, do not hesitate anymore but quickly join the extremely exciting adventure with the princess and save the world. Wish you have a happy time with this game! Don’t forget to leave a review and comment if you like this game.

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