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Package Namecom.square_enix.android_googleplay.FFVIII
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Final Fantasy VIII Remastered APK is the mobile version of the classic role-playing game remade by Square Enix. In the game, players play as Squall Leonhart, leader of a group of mercenaries in the battle against the future army of witches. The Remastered version is beautiful, smooth, deep storyline, happy ending. There is no reason not to download and play.

Introduce about FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered

The magical beauty of the magical world and borderless love

Good story, happy ending, beautiful world, what’s better?

Final Fantasy is a magical fantasy world with mysterious magic elements that have attracted countless generations of players. Part 8 of the series has been released on the Playstation since 1999. Until now officially available on mobile platforms. The Remastered version has been significantly upgraded, the image and movement are smoother than the original.


The plot will take players into a fierce battle between the group of SeeD mercenaries and the army of Ultimecia witches from the future. The character you incarnate is Squall Leonhart, a talented leader, handsome but with an odd temperament from a group of mercenaries. When he accidentally learned of the evil purpose of the Ultimecia witches, which was to compress the time to take over humanity’s entire future, he joined his teammates in a war against magical dictators. Thanks to his fighting skills, his leadership, and his mighty will, he, of course, he defeated all the witch.

The plot, of course, indispensable themes of love, romantic elements in Final Fantasy games. Integrated into the game world’s battles and magical scenes is Squall’s romantic love story with one of his strategic partners, Rinoa Heartilly. The beautiful love story, beautiful character, talent, happy ending, FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered is the “true love” of the platformer game addict and does not accept the sad ending.

What is upgraded in VIII Remastered version?

Remastered is not a remake or a sequel but based on the existing versions. It is improved in graphics, resolution, and some techniques related to image rendering and move. You can rest assured that everything remains the same. Nothing is changed from the story, character lines, and gameplay.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered has the best visual enhancement in the following details:

The first is about the world map in the game. This is exactly a 3D screen, and we can freely navigate to move the characters around the map in various ways. This map has a very high resolution, making the details appear clearer than ever, so it is easy to follow and navigate.

Next is the creation of the cast of characters. The CG part has been a lot renewed, from angles, lines to character expressions appear sharper than before. Everyone’s attention, Final Fantasy is a role-playing game, fantasy style, romance, and also integrates love stories, so the character expression is a factor that players are extremely interested in. This is also the reason why we often see games of this type usually have Remastered versions.

FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered APK download

Not only that, Square Enix has used the VIII Remastered version with artificial intelligence to improve the character definition greatly. The scenes are also anti-aliased to make everything appear smooth. New technology incorporated: As your character moves further away, the scene behind will automatically fade, like a blur effect in photography. This improvement point, some people like it, but some people don’t. I personally find it beautiful, but it is unnecessary and sometimes blurs some details I want to see clearly. So it is beautiful in general, but it turns out to be counterproductive in terms of vision.

What new features have been added to this Remastered release?

In addition to the CG and resolution-related parts mentioned above, Square Enix has a few minor changes that don’t seem to matter (only Final Fantasy fans realize), such as removing the secondary game Chocobo World. The game has 3 tricks, allowing the player to be immortalized on the battlefield, no monsters, and speed up the game 3 times. But in my opinion, you should not learn this because it loses the beauty of the game. Just do what the story should go on to get a feel for the wonderful storyline and setting in the Final Fantasy world.

To talk about the gameplay of FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered, I only have one word to tell, “GF”

GF is the abbreviation of the creatures summoned to protect the main characters. Actually, GF is a long tradition of Final Fantasy since the first originals, but in this 8 Remastered, the role of GFs must be said to be extremely bold. The character will summon GFs in the battle to unleash potential powers in the creatures, increase strength and fight with the player against the enemy. And one of your goals in the game is to collect as many GFs as possible, which will give you diverse powers on all types of battlefields. 

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Limit Break is also quite an attractive feature in this Remastered version. This means that when your character is in danger of dying, you can perform special and different attacks to salvage the situation. Depending on the character incarnation, the expression of Limit Break will also be different.

Download FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered APK free for Android

The game is beautiful. The story has a happy ending to ensure that you never feel down, epic battles, and powerful GF. 2.59 GB size if you download, quite heavy, so you need to check your smartphone before downloading.

If you’re ready, let’s download FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered APK for free here!

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  • carolineholter1 avatar
    Caroline Holter

    The game works perfectly fine, no crashes from the start to the end! First time downloading from here, and will continue to support from now on! Will try FF9 next soon :)

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