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Package Namecom.square_enix.android_googleplay.dq5
PublisherSQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
PriceFREE $14.99
RequiresAndroid 5.0

DRAGON QUEST V MOD APK is a story-driven role-playing adventure game from the publisher SQUARE ENIX and is the mobile version of the legendary game of the same name. In the game, you play as a young man who travels through many different times and places to find himself and grow into a great hero.

Introduce about DRAGON QUEST V

A space-time adventure!

Where did Dragon Quest V come from?

Dragon Quest may sound a bit unfamiliar, right? But when it comes to “DRAGON QUEST”, I guarantee that at least the last 3 generations 7X, 8X, and 9X knew about it or heard about it at least once. It first appeared as a manga series loved by thousands of people in 1997. Right after that, DRAGON QUEST became a big wave making many unforgettable memories and being a part of many childhoods.

But the above manga series is only a sub-version of the game. Dragon Quest is a classic of classic role-playing games from the famous publisher Square Enix. And of course, in the past, not everyone had the opportunity to experience this cult game series for many reasons such as price, technology…

Over the years, this big game company has decided to come back by encroaching on the mobile segment which has become a daily attachment to everyone, especially young people. That’s the journey Dragon Quest V has gone through before reaching us today.

The story full of emotions in Dragon Quest V

The world in Dragon Quest V is the world of the Middle Ages, full of mysterious legends and people living between magic and the unexplainable. In the game, you are a young man with an unknown identity, who comes from Zero to Hero and discovers many secrets of the world including his origin. But the attractive point of the story here is that: Dragon Quest V puts you in a space-time setting. The main character will live in the middle of the cycle of cause and effect created by himself carefreely without knowing it.

The game is a very long human life story where our main character regains his childhood memories and goes through many ups and downs to become a true warrior. Life and death, unification and separation, gain and loss, existence and nothingness, each profound progression in the game will take you into endless emotional levels.

A traditional role-playing game with the great quality 

With the most improvements, Dragon Quest V is so far ahead of RPG games which can take a long way to keep up with it.

Dragon Quest V is commented to have attractive gameplay, many additions and innovations compared to the usual standards of a classic RPG. In this game, you have in hand a group of heroes, each with a different ability, strength, and weakness. You can coordinate, command, and strategize your squad of members to take turns defending, attacking, or supporting your teammates by using the turn-based mechanics typical of almost all RPGs on the planet. 

But that’s just the beginning of the game. In Dragon Quest V, you can also collect any monster you like on the way. After that, you bring them back, train them to be useful and loyal companions in the battles to come. In a nutshell, both humans and monsters must go through stages: being collected, training, fighting, collecting experience points, developing strength… Fairness and openness are the first points that I highly appreciate and love from the game developer. When it comes to teammates, whoever is useful is a good teammate, regardless of human or monster.

Well, I was so shocked when I learned that one character can capture up to 71 monsters of different strains (you may take a lot of time to that extent). Let’s guess how long it will take you to get that number of friends. Each one has a different look and a different strength. Just finding them and having fun with them is enough to take your whole day. 

Another innovation in Dragon Quest V is how the system responds to your combat situations. Specifically, you can arrange the position and action for each person in the group, instead of playing as a framework as before. And at a higher level, you will deal with situations through dialogue and each decision will lead to different directions. This is a huge improvement that helps the game achieve the highest level of strategy customization among mobile games of the same genre.

And for Dragon Quest V to truly reach all modern mobile players, Square Enix has always supported smart compatibility on large-screen mobile devices such as super smartphones and tablets. This will be a big advantage of Dragon Quest V over many other mobile RPG titles.

Graphics and sounds

Keeping the image of the original, the graphics in Dragon Quest V are smooth with many highlights, fresh and optimistic color coordination. Everything appears quite sharp, from the main character, the cast of supporting characters, and a series of enemy monsters. Although it is not an ideal 2D model and a bit rough, and even makes people think it must be an outdated product, you will see a totally different view when playing it.

The value of Dragon Quest V is not in the graphics but in the gameplay and miraculous improvements that 1000 other RPG games can’t keep up even when speeding up.

The sound is also preserved with the unmistakable tone and melodic effects of the classic 16-bit game. Thanks to that, amid a forest of modern and elaborate RPG games, Dragon Quest V appears as a completely different game.


MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download DRAGON QUEST V MOD APK for Android

DRAGON QUEST V is such an ultimate adventure RPG with extremely extensive gameplay, open and emotional story, and high customization (when you can recruit both humans and monsters). If you can play this game well, I’m sure that no role-playing game will make it difficult for you.

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