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FINAL FANTASY III APK will once again take you back to the dreamlike fantasy open-world and adventure with four powerful teenage heroes.

Introduce about FINAL FANTASY III

The classic game about the fantasy open world never stops being hot!

The story is like a multi-episode legend

According to legend, 1000 years ago when the wheel of fortune began to rotate, in the far planet which is the origin of life, four crystals representing the four elements that make up the world appeared. Thanks to the light from these four crystals, the planet has possessed a civilization that has surpassed all other civilizations. But the more they are exploited, the more negative energies these four crystals emit. Such negative energy can swallow all worlds. To prevent such a horrible event, the human must find four opposites of themselves from the dark.

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Fate had chosen and placed this extraordinary responsibility in the hands of the Black War team, consisting of four teenage heroes, who were tasked with finding the four crystals to light the darkness and restore balance to the world. The four heroes finally found what they were looking for, but unfortunately, it was too late. The entire brilliant civilization was engulfed in a terrible storm of light from the four crystals. The prophets sadly announced that perhaps many years later, this tragedy would happen again and wipe out all the progress that man would ever make.

FINAL FANTASY III is the continued part of the story 1000 years later. In the small village, four orphans are growing up together: Luneth, Arc, Refia, and Ingus. They lived carefreely until one day they knew that they had a special identity, with great responsibility handed down from their ancestors. The journey to finding the four dark crystals began once again. Will they succeed and dispel their obsession with an unbalanced world?

How is FINAL FANTASY III different from what we already know about RPGs?

FINAL FANTASY III is a typical JRPG, with a team-style and turn-based combat. Of course, the unchanging feature of the whole series is the heroic characters’ ability to summon powerful creatures, like Shiva and Bahamut…

But the biggest difference that separates FINAL FANTASY III from the JRPGs you’ve ever seen is the extremely diverse and complex job system of the characters. That means you can switch between the roles of your team members, in any situation, to take advantage of each person’s strengths, weapons, equipment, accessories, and spells.

For example, while in the Dragoon job (keeping the Dragon), you will have the ability to jump to disappear from the battle and suddenly reappear to give a great blow to the opponent. When you go to Devout, you will have the ability to heal the health White Magic very quickly, which can help you survive through any long battle.

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The unlimited ability of switching and selection throughout the game not only gives you a great sense of freedom, but also enhances the game’s strategy, and transforms every attack into unrivaled displays of skill.

There are also a few more interesting points in the combat role-playing mechanism of FINAL FANTASY III. Let me give you an example. When the hero is leveled up, the number of attack turns will also be increased each turn. Or each spell will have its own level, and each character can only use magic at a certain time. How many times you can use the spell depends on its level and the job level of that character.

Not just a single mission

Something I often call an interesting “side dish” in this game is the little stories you and your teammates will face during the journey. It could be about carrying out the last will of a respected person or rescuing an evil sorcerer’s building (which will turn out to be a giant tree that had been imprisoned by magic)… Each story brings useful hints for the journey, which will lead you from surprise to surprise…

Graphics and sound

FINAL FANTASY III is a colorful symphony. The delicately colored world opening up before your eyes is bold Japanese Anime, but the characters and detailed textures are subtly Western cartoons. And on those common backgrounds, each character has a story, personality, and identity as a real person.

Is personality what every gamer wants to feel in epic adventure role-playing games? With FINAL FANTASY III, you not only get the basics but also admire and experience things much deeper and richer, especially in respect of characters.

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The background sound is soothing music that I believe can make all your senses gently wake up. You can hear all the gentle sounds spanning in the beautiful open world where you roam. Sometimes, it turns into alarm bells or hustling sounds in intense battles between teenage heroes and monsters.

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Download FINAL FANTASY III APK free for Android

The game will satisfy you with everything, from the gameplay to the visuals and the music melody. And this great combination of greatness does explain why the game, even though thought to be too old and classic, still belongs to the legends on mobile nowadays.

If you’ve played JRPG, you cannot ignore FINAL FANTASY III!

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