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They said that a good work of art has no age. It will be timeless and will be recalled, enjoyed, and honored forever. In the retro game world, CHRONO TRIGGER APK is one of those games. And coincidentally, this is also a game about the timeline.

Introduce about CHRONO TRIGGER

Play to grow!


CHRONO TRIGGER is essentially a turn-based role-playing fighting game. But… I don’t know what to call it as it’s too difficult to use words. Well, you can call the turn-based combat in CHRONO TRIGGER “dynamic combat”. Kind of.

In some other classic turn-based games like Final Fantasy, monsters and heroes will be arranged in two rows fighting each other. For the squad, in front are usually tanks, and healer or magic mage standing behind to support. Everyone stands still and waits for their turn.

In CHRONO TRIGGER, the characters of both sides are always on the move. No positions or lineups are arranged first. Depending on the random position of the character/ monster at each time, you will have to choose how to fight accordingly. This is the first retro JRPG I’ve played where there are situations like being surrounded by a bunch of monsters, and you together fight back a ferocious beast.

This unpredictable change of battle not only requires you to turn on your discretion but also fully exploit the strengths of each character. For example, amid a hostile encirclement, whoever is capable of long-range combat will have to choose a monster that is far away enough to exert his power, otherwise just stay there and wait for a close-range teammate to support.

The team spirit, thanks to these cruel situations, skyrockets. Some great moves require heroes to huddle together to be able to launch moves and deal massive damage on monsters. Remember to aim accurately because once this attack is released, the whole team must wait quite long for the cooldown. If you aim wrongly, you will be defeated.

In short, one thing that cannot be denied: Playing this game, you must suffer pain, think and consider decent tactics. Otherwise, you cannot win.

Features and two “spiritual dishes” that make every player addicted

The first feature of the cast in CHRONO TRIGGER is that “no matter who you are, you will have special attacks Tech”. The higher the level, the Tech also increases corresponding to Tech point (TP). 

The story didn’t stop there. Heroes can also merge Tech, creating Double-Tech, Triple-Tech stages with fierce destructive power. These combination Techs do not stand still but will constantly increase and be more diverse as long as the team is stable. This is the magic charm of CHRONO TRIGGER. It’s so powerful that it blurs the line between turn-based and typical role-playing.

There are two other “spiritual dishes” that make CHRONO TRIGGER become a pioneer in the retro game world. The first is New Game+. Some big unsolved secret, an omitted object, or a cool monster has defeated you countless times. You can skip others to these scenes to enjoy them separately. And you can gnaw at the poetic feeling of playing over and over and going to the mysterious bottom of the game, not just play superficially.

The second dish that CHRONO TRIGGER offers players is the concept of “Moral”. It’s not exactly the interactive style with a completely open ending like modern games today, but still logical: what you do in the present will come to you in the future. Partly because the story and progression of the game take the timeline as the main factor (not just a secondary factor like many other time-space travel games). So, every decision brings different consequences, fates, and outcomes for each person.

The plot is deep with many milestones

Well, first of all, I must say that you should only play this game when you are mentally ready to not be shocked.

The story begins with a Fair in the year 1000. Here, Crono befriended Marle, a lovely girl. They went to see the teleport machine at the house of one mutual friend, Lucca. Suddenly, Marle’s necklace glowed and she was sucked into the portal of time. At that time, Crono jumped along with her and they were pushed to a strange dimension. They went back 400 years. People were thinking that Marle was Queen Leena who went missing and was brought back to the castle (she is the Queen’s descendant, so she looked like the Queen).

Ironically, when Lucca revealed that information, it meant that the two of them had to work together to find the real Queen Leena in the past unless Marle would not exist. On the adventure, the group drifted from one timeline to another of the past. The first climax was when they all crossed over to 12,000 BC when the Earth was still in the ice age. And the second climax was when they together discovered Lavos, the galaxy that caused the disaster destroying everything on Earth millions of years ago. From here, everything moved quickly and rotated like a hurricane. If you don’t follow the cutscenes and dialogue carefully, you can be lost at any time.

Character line: everyone is deep and becoming mature over time

The story revolves around teenage heroic characters. We have:

  • Crono, the main character, is brave, adventurous, and diligent to get to the bottom of things. He is the source of all adventures of the group. His weapons are the Katana sword and the magic that creates thunder and light.
  • Lucca, Crono’s childhood friend, is a strong girl who loves the machine field. This girl knows a lot of things and gives good warnings to the group. She has fire magic.
  • Marle, Princess Nadia, is naughty, but emotional. She has ice magic and feelings for Crono.
  • Frog, a medieval knight, was cursed to turn into a frog, wields the Masamune sword capable of subjugating demons. He is good, is the best swordsman, but is very self-deprecating. He owns water magic.
  • Robo is the robot of the year 2300 discovered by the group. It has no magic but has a very strong laser combat ability.

The story in CHRONO TRIGGER is poetic and brings thousands of different emotions because of the cause-and-effect factor that the timeline brings. For example, if both of them told the truth, they wouldn’t have become hostile because of misunderstandings. Or if a child in a family is raised well, learns about humanity and sharing, then he will grow up to be a person who knows what is right and wrong and always has good intentions to help those around him. If you want a forest here, you must plant a tree from the past.

Download CHRONO TRIGGER APK free for Android

And you know what, from the enlightenment, you will play this game responsibly, like you are part of the story. The characters through the ups and downs of the timeline and their own growth also accidentally become a mirror reflecting different personalities in society.

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