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NameActraiser Renaissance
Package Namecom.square_enix.android_googleplay.ActraiserR
PublisherSQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
MOD FeaturesGod Mode, High Damage
PriceFREE $19.99
RequiresAndroid 6.0
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Actraiser Renaissance MOD APK, from SQUARE ENIX is an action game that combines kingdom-building elements (Realm Management) based on Egyptian elements but uses Japanese drawings on 2D graphics. This strange combination of seemingly unrelated things will bring you many exciting experiences.

Introduce about Actraiser Renaissance

Help humanity flourish by playing as the Lord of Light and their loyal angel in a world beset by evil.

Actraiser Renaissance originated as a game on the SNES, now it is remade on mobile with improvements in graphics and controls, giving players a new experience compared to the usual mobile games.


After the defeat of the great Demon Tanzra battle, the Lord of Light was mortally wounded, had to retreat to hide in his Sky Palace for hundreds of years. During that time, the world and humanity were immersed in misery. Everything is only ashes, humanity is near extinction and eternal tribulation with the cruel and cruel domination of the Tanzra clique.

It was painful to see that sight, but the Lord of Light himself still could not do anything. He had only one way left to reincarnate in the form of a gold statue. Fortunately, besides him, there are always almighty and loyal angels. With the angel’s help, in that non-ideal form, the Lord of Light himself passed through the gates one by one to fight the dark enemy. Finally, regain his original self and form and complete the task of leading humanity to destroy the demons.

The Actraiser Renaissance experience is divided into two distinct parts

When playing the game you will find it divided into 2 different (but not separate) parts: classic platformer action role-playing and army city construction management.

When playing, you will be the Lord of Light in the form of a stone statue. Initially, you only have a treasured sword and a few simple skills. Then on the way, collecting trophies and loot, you will gain countless new weapons and spells. From there arbitrarily choose, combine to fight more and more fiercely, stronger against the demons. The game is divided into several levels, at the end of each level, a boss will block your way. I think these bosses are not too difficult, but killing them quickly requires a combination of skills and weapons.

When fighting, the Lord of Light can use consecutive attacks without having to wait or separate slashes. You can also collect more crystals to increase combat power. These two elements are completely innovations. It makes the feeling of fighting much more thrilling, the rhythm of the game is therefore also faster and more exciting.

Interspersed with demon-slaying battles, the Lord of Light also needs to focus on building his almost abandoned city. There are many maps open for construction. In each place, you will have a support angel. When strong enough, you can also summon some angels from elsewhere to join hands, but always with a certain condition.

Construction also comes with anti-invasion of shadow enemies. Most of them take place in the form of surprise attacks. In return, you have the support of angels. These angels will be the ones to help you a lot. Because each will have unique strengths and skills. Some people specialize in close combat, while others specialize in aerial combat from a distance. Each of the leading generals of the enemy army also has its own advantages and disadvantages. So soon the construction work will turn into a tactical battle. It requires you to constantly find suitable tactics, flexibly change to balance the force of locking the enemy’s foot, both attacking and defending to block all threats.

There is a small caveat that the defensive construction in Actraiser Renaissance is a bit difficult. You can only use buildings to create barriers in fixed positions that are specified by the game, not freely placed where you want. These defensive buildings themselves, after being placed, will be controlled by AI. So calculating this part is both difficult and risky.

Mixed with the classic fighting, the difficulty of construction and defense will make you always awake, on guard, and always in the mood to do your best. Because having a successful defense then you have a chance to move on to the next scene.

Actraiser Renaissance has a rare richness for characters

Building the fantasy world of magic, as well as being the Lord of Good, you will have a lot of powerful powers: control fire, ice, and a variety of other unpredictable spells. What’s important is how you use your unique abilities, how cleverly combine them to fight evil and overcome countless dangers. When being refreshed for mobile, the developer did not forget to add some new spells and have more skills to dodge enemy skills. Control operations are also displayed on the screen for players to easily handle on mobile.

With the strength of origin, the Lord of Light is also provided with an almost limitless arsenal of weapons and equipment. But this is also a challenge for players. Because you have to think of a way to combine things in a way that is most worthy and appropriate, maximizing the advantages of each part to expect to destroy the Bosses.

Graphics and sound

The strange thing about the Actraiser Renaissance is that it can bring many things together, in a way that is surprisingly simple and logical. The context is a bit Egyptian, but the graphics are Japanese-style, 2D art, but every time I go to the parts of the map to build things, there is a feeling of floating and full of depth. To be honest, at first, when I saw the introduction picture on the Google Play page, I was a bit surprised because they were like two different games in the same place. But when playing, it is clear that this is the intention of the developer to create a lot of inspiration for players.

It is just like how they combined RGB RPG gameplay and construction simulation and then incorporated action and real-time combat.

While playing, you can also gently enjoy the songs of the old classic game, there are also 15 new songs added by Yuzo Koshiro – the original composer of the game. Moreover, players can also customize the soundtrack, choose between a classic style to listen to the nostalgic sound, or choose a more modern style with music that has been remixed in a contemporary style.

MOD APK version of Actraiser Renaissance

MOD features

  • MENU
  • God Mode
  • High Damage

Download Actraiser Renaissance APK & MOD for Android

Although combining many things quite smoothly, Actraiser Renaissance inevitably has a difference in duration and difficulty. But if you are looking for a game that brings a whole new feeling on mobile, looking for a deep role-playing story and nostalgic feeling in the graphic lines, then Actraiser Renaissance is always a game worth playing.

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