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NameAnimal Transform Race
Package Namecom.whitesquare.animaltransform
PublisherLion Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 5.0
Can play offline

Car racing is too common now, let’s switch to animal racing. Let me introduce you guys a 3D animal racing: Animal Transform Race MOD APK.

Introduce about Animal Transform Race

The most attractive 3D animal racing ever!

Animal transformer race, strange idea but good form

Animal Transform Race is roughly based on a very simple principle. No longer using cars, but now you will use animals to race. And when running, you will encounter many different obstacles. If you touch something, you must quickly transform from one animal to another to take advantage of its ability to overcome obstacles.

The obstacles in this game are diverse. At first, it was just a stretch of river, some wooden crates, a bunch of huge trees… Then, they turned into a high wall, a troublesome spider web, culminating in violent humans lined up to stop your way. And to overcome this group of people, immediately transform into an elephant to kick these people away.

When playing this game, the love for nature and all species arise, make me remember that humans are often considered the evilest and cruel species. In this game, disasters are just obstacles of nature, only humans are rushing to threaten even though the animal in front of them is not doing anything.

When you see the water, you transform into a fish to swim through, when you see the spider’s web, you immediately turn into a spider that freely crosses the net, and when you see a high wall, let transform into the monkey to quickly climb over…

Children can play this game to have the opportunity to re-forge their knowledge of animals. Parents and children also have the opportunity to gather together to discuss all sorts of topics about birds and animals. It’s not easy to have a cute, fun, and fast game that the whole family can happily play together.

What do you need for the race?

All you need in this exciting race is focus and keenness. Concentrate to see what lies ahead, even within milliseconds of thinking of exactly one animal to become before getting stuck as the screen rushes forward. You have to be quick and quick, if you can’t reach the animal you’re thinking of, you’ll lose right away. And the later the animal’s running speed will be faster and faster, the length of an obstacle will be shorter, which means your transformation speed must also be faster.

Through each round, you will be rewarded with gold coins depending on your previous agility. When you have gold coins, let buy a new animal. You should buy an animal with a special ability, if it is different from the ones you have, the better it is, the higher the chance of winning over unexpected obstacles.

The only action you have to do is just tap, select. Animals will automatically run and deploy their abilities and you don’t need to give any signal. Collected animals will line up at the bottom of the screen, choose which animal you want, and tap on them so you can use them at the start of the game. Even if you have enough money to buy a new animal, just scroll, consider and tap to buy them. It’s too easy for such an exciting game.

Graphics and sounds

Animal Transform Race just has only a white background, the track is designed in the form of a block in the air, stretching with obstacles. Each animal appears with a 3D shading effect. The feeling of them showing up makes you want to blow the track away. The way the animals take advantage of them and overcome each race will once again amaze you because it is so real and beautiful.

The sound is moderated to achieve the purpose of bringing a focused space for players. It just has the sound of transformations, happy background music, and the sound of collisions with obstacles. I think it’s enough. Because these short, easy-to-play arcade games usually don’t require speakers or headphones, so it doesn’t need to have more complex sounds, just enough to arouse interest.

MOD APK version of Animal Transform Race

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money

Download Animal Transform Race MOD APK for Android

Animal Transform Race is a cute, fun, energetic game. The idea of ​​​​transforming animal racing is very interesting and unique. This game can play every where, every time, the whole family can play together. Download it to play right now.

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