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NameCoin Trip
Package Namecom.fungenerationlab.spinner
PublisherLion Studios
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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It is often said that gamblers will soon sell their homes because of debt. But when you play Coin Trip MOD APK, you will build a dream house by joining the casino. Sounds ridiculous, right? Download this game now to explore!

Introduce about Coin Trip

Join the lucky spin to make money

Coin Trip is the product of the publisher Lion Studios, the name is not too strange to the gaming community. They bring games with simple but extremely fun gameplay. About today’s game that I want to introduce to you, it has gameplay quite similar to Coin Master of Moon Active. You will join a casino to make money, through which you have many other options such as building a house, attacking a friend’s house, or defending to protect your house.

All your activities in the game revolve around the lucky spin. The rules of the game are like the lucky spin in casinos. However, instead of having to place a deposit, you are allowed to spin for free. The game gives you 50 energy. You spend energy per spin. Initially, you only need to pay 1 energy. But when you have more money, you have the right to bet more in exchange for a bigger reward. Here’s the information about the rewards you get for spinning three of the same items:

  • Coins: You receive an amount of coins.
  • Chests: You get a lot of coins.
  • Bomb: You get a turn to attack your friend’s house. After a successful attack, you will rob a sum of money from your friends.
  • Grid: Defend your home from a raid by your friends.
  • Raid: Flip three cards to receive a reward. Note, if you are unlucky, you can get a card that decreases your coin.

In the event that you spin three items of a different type, you still get a bit of a bonus, but not significantly. Note that your energy is limited. If the energy runs out, you can only wait for it to recharge after a few hours. It’s about time friends can “visit” your house at any time.

If you’ve caught up with Coin Trip’s gameplay, you can try Coin Master MOD APK, which is also very popular in the same category.

Build your dream home

After making a hefty sum from the casino, it’s time for you to build your own dream home. Initially, you only have one vacant piece of land. Build the house, renovate the garden, buy a supercar, build a fountain. After having your own house, you continue to make a lot of money to upgrade it more and more beautiful.

Attack your friends to receive treasure

What makes Coin Trip so appealing and dramatic is the plunder feature. Through the rotation, you can receive attacks (bombs) to plunder your friends’ houses, then plunder their money and resources to build your own home. Of course, your friends can do the same to you. If you’re lucky, you get a grid, which protects your house from an attack.

Coin Trip increases the bond between you and your friends. It doesn’t feel good at all if, overnight, you find your house destroyed by your best friend. Do not give up. Continue to test your luck through the lucky spin, find opportunities to revenge on him.

Explore famous places around the world

As the name of the game, Coin Trip offers you a tour of the world through the lucky spin. You will visit the beautiful scenery of many different cultures, from New York City, Egyptian pyramids, to cold Antarctica.

Colorful 3D graphics

Coin Trip is like a children’s cartoon with bright, colorful 3D graphics, high definition images. The characters also include cute animals, little boys, and girls. So the game is suitable for all ages, including children.

MOD APK version of Coin Trip

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money (including Coins, Diamonds)
  • Unlimited Spins

How to use

Your money is not reduced as you spend it.

Download Coin Trip MOD APK for Android

Overall, Coin Trip is a game with fascinating gameplay. The game is primarily meant to be fun for you and your friends. You don’t have to calculate or think about the strategy, just join the lucky spin and see what you can get. You don’t need to bet, feel free to play without worry about losing money. I guarantee that you have a profit after playing, that is only more or less a problem.

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