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Heroes Inc! APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.1.6

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NameHeroes Inc!
PublisherLion Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Heroes Inc! MOD APK is an arcade game from the publisher Lion Studios. In the game, you are a hidden hero, going through each scene to destroy the evil robot’s army to save the world.

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Heroes Inc!: The marshmallow hero goes to save the world

The story seems too classic. But you will be amazed at the first image. It is not as glamorous, heroic as we might imagine. Are you thinking of yourself as a heroic, handsome, brave hero with weapons and armor? No, that’s just what you think, the developer doesn’t think so.

A very convincing opening, but the hero is very disappointed

As long as you have the ability and power, you will be the hero. Name, style, or appearance sometimes doesn’t matter. Heroes Inc! will give me a slightly humble start because the hero you choose is just a colored doll. It looked very funny and reminded of a marshmallow. I agree that each colored hero has a cool ability such as shooting a laser, shooting a gun, shooting rockets … but that disappointing appearance makes me feel very funny. And this funny difference that made me start playing the game.

Gameplay is simple and fun for all ages

First, we must know that Heroes Inc! is a game inspired by game consoles installed in public locations. Therefore, from the way of playing, the rules of the game to the graphics, all are minimized.

Even if you are a superman, powerful enough to lift a tall building, you are still just a “marshmallow”. You don’t have the “cool” appearance like Batman or Superman, but you can still fight against all enemies. About controls, you touch the sides of the screen to control the character move left and right, touch the attack button to control the hero to attack. That is all. Nothing complicated, right?

At the beginning of the game, you can choose your hero. Actually, they all have similar looks, only with different colors and weapons. There is no difference in movement ability or how to fire bullets. Remember everyone, do not expect too much.

Classic storyline, “creative” appearance

Its plot is not long, just summarized in a few running words. In general, our world is being attacked by an aggressive alien robot’s army. Our mission is to create one of the greatest superheroes in history, build laboratories, experiment with different powers, and then use these weapons against enemies.

Play Heroes Inc!, don’t be afraid to run out of scenes or run out of enemies. Since the scenes are almost numerous, the enemies are endless. Because building the game on a simple graphics platform, stretching and diversifying the gameplay scene also becomes quite easy and lightweight. With this game, you can kill as much time as you like. Not to mention, our hero can unlock hundreds of weapons on the journey.

Facing infinite number of enemies

Talk about enemies again. The robot army that you are fighting with is very much and varied. Variety of types, sizes, shapes and colors. I am wondering if there is an excessive bias of the developer when the hero’s look is even worse than these robots. Anyway, we don’t need looks to become a hero, right?

Even if everything is easy, you still have to watch out because there are many types of robots and they crowded like ants. Roughly, the enemy surrounded you from many sides, and you are alone. They come in many types with many roles in battle. Some robots are tankers, have a lot of stamina and are difficult to die. The robots behind have weapons like laser guns that can kill you at any time. You need a clear strategy in each battle, using your skills and strength to overcome traps and enemies.

Luckily, you have skills and powerful weapons

And along the way, don’t just focus on shooting robots, remember to collect as much gold as possible. The more money, the higher the chance to level up weapons. The powerful arsenal can help you overcome big robots in a softer and simpler manner. But you are alone, after all, and still a marshmallow hero.

MOD APK version of Heroes Inc!

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Your money cannot be reduced.

Download Heroes Inc! MOD APK for Android

The music in the game is quite exciting, a bit futurist style, very suitable for battles with robots. About graphics, I don’t say anymore, because looking at the picture, you have enough to imagine the level of “minimalism”.

Hi, are you ready to be a marshmallow hero? If you are ready, download Heroes Inc! MOD APK to play here.

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