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NameForge Ahead
Package Namecom.protopiagames.forgeahead
PublisherLion Studios
MOD FeaturesNo Ads
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Forge Ahead MOD APK (No Ads) is the latest idle game of Lion Studios. In this game, you are a blacksmith with the task of forging the best swords and selling them to make money.

About Forge Ahead

During the war, we cannot ignore the hard work of blacksmiths. They are people who do not go directly to the battlefield and bring glory, but their role is extremely important. Without blacksmiths, can warriors win without spears and swords?

When referring to Lion Studios, we often remember these fun and unique style puzzle games of this publisher. They use common topics in life and create puzzle games in a very creative way. This is the first time, this publisher tries to produce an idle game. What are special things in Forge Ahead? Find out in the article below!


When playing Forge Ahead, you are a blacksmith. Your job is to produce swords from metal ores. You do not know how to forge a sword? Do not worry. This game will guide in detail, the steps to producing a good sword. You will go through the production process from a metallic ore from nature until the completion of a sword. First, your smithy doesn’t have much fame in the kingdom. You need to have complete swords to display it in front of the store. The knights will ask to buy your swords, if they are satisfied you will receive money and reputation.

First, you will use the hammer to break up large rocks. Those are metal ores, which give you metal after breaking the outer shell. You don’t know what metal you get when quarrying. Typically, you only get some common metals like iron and copper. If you’re lucky, you can get rare metals like gold, diamonds or even some metals like Adamantine and Mythril.

To forge a sword, of course, you will melt it and pour it into the shape of the sword. As a final step, you use a forge hammer to straighten the swords when it is still in a high-temperature state. Sometimes, customers will add some special requirements. For example, some knights demanded that their swords made of silver. If you make that sword, you will get a lot more bonuses.

A unique idle game

Forge Ahead is an idle game, so you have a passive income every second from the swords you’ve completed. Even after you’ve closed the game, your money continues to increase. If you want to explore the work of a miner, let try Idle Miner Tycoon.

Upgrade your smithy

To become the best blacksmith in the kingdom, in addition to finding rare metals, you need to constantly upgrade your blacksmith. Upgrading the smithy makes your job more efficient and it helps increase the value of the swords. There are 5 upgrades to choose from, including the pickaxe, the crucible, sword mold, blacksmith’s hammer, and the value of your sword.

The sword value helps your sword make more money per second. It also sells more money when people ask to buy. Upgrading Pickaxe helps you to exploit and destroy large rocks faster. Besides, you can upgrade the mold to create better swords. Your sword after the upgrade may have some special effects like light or lightning.


With idle simulation games, graphics are usually not too prominent elements. Forge Ahead has a simple but realistic 3D design. The operations in the game are smoothly simulated. However, it is quite monotonous and not too many things make you feel attractive. Besides, the sound of metal, furnace helps you feel like you are in a real smithy.

MOD APK version of Forge Ahead

With an idle game, most of what you do will be repeated. Mining metal, forging a sword, selling it and receiving money. After having money, you continue to upgrade your forge to forge better swords. When you use our Forge Ahead MOD APK version, all ads are removed. It helps you quickly have a lot of money while maximizing the rate of rare metal mining. You will forge special swords with high value.

Download Forge Ahead MOD APK for Android

Overall, Forge Ahead is a fun and very unique idle game. The features of the game are very addictive, very suitable when you are free. It does not need you to focus too much on it. The game does not require internet, you can play on the bus or drink a cup of coffee. Are you ready to become the best blacksmith of the kingdom? Try to do it in this game.

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