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NameDraw Duel
Package Namecom.nak.gamepack
PublisherLion Studios
MOD FeaturesFree Upgrade
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Draw Duel MOD APK (Free Upgrade) is an innovative game with new gameplay. You will participate in endless battles to compete for the throne of the most powerful warrior.

Introduce about Draw Duel

Undeniably, a game with innovative content and gameplay will bring more enjoyable experiences for players. Draw Duel is a game like that. It is published by Lions Studio – the creator of popular games like Clue Hunter, Mr Bullet, Save The Girl and Happy Glass.

Draw to fight

In Draw Duel, you will draw to simulate combat techniques. Your character will perform the corresponding moves to deal damage to the enemy.

Notice how this gameplay is similar to any game that I have introduced before? That’s right, it’s Scribble Rider of VOODOO. But instead of drawing the shape of the wheel to move on constantly changing terrain, you will draw movements and skills to attack enemies.

Each level in Draw Duel usually has two, three or four rounds. But after that, the number of rounds in the level will gradually increase. That means the challenge is getting longer and more difficult. In return, the controls are quite easy. You can draw a line to perform a head-on stab at the opponent. Or you can even draw a curve to block an attack. As time goes by, you will learn more techniques. But after all, you will realize that technique is not enough to win.

In addition, during the battle, some special opponents will give challenges. You can accept that challenge and enter a new war. If you win, you get a lot of bonuses.

Upgrade your power

After each level, you will receive a bonus amount corresponding to your achievements. You can use them to upgrade your personal stats. Characters in Draw Duel have three stats, including strength, health, and bonus ratio. All three are important, governing your ability throughout the game.

If you upgrade the power, the character’s attacks will knock down the opponent more quickly. This is really an advantage when you have to fight many enemies at the same time.

If you upgrade the health, the character can withstand longer on the battlefield. This is also very important, as Draw Duel has no checkpoints. When you are defeated, you will have to start over from Round 1. No one wants that, right?

Meanwhile, if you upgrade the bonus ratio, you will get more money when you win. This gives you more money to upgrade the remaining two stats. However, with the experience of someone who has experienced it, I think you should even upgrade all three at the same time, the character’s abilities will be more balanced.

Select the item you want

Besides the individual stats, the character can also be supported by the system when the level is more difficult.

When you pass a number of rounds, you will receive an item chest. They may contain a number of items that aid in increasing the speed, strength, health, breaking the enemy’s weapon or making the enemy slower.

Such chests usually appear only once or twice in each level. Depending on the nature of the battle, you should consider choosing the right support item to get a higher rate of victory.


Weapons are the most important element in an action game. And Draw Duel is no exception. If you have a longer, bigger sword, you can destroy the enemy more quickly without even losing any health.

Currently, Draw Duel has 14 types of weapons, from swords, axes, chainsaws, bows and arrows, hammers and even a swordfish. Each type has a special effect. However, weapons cannot be purchased with money. You will have to fight to earn experience points, promoting the process of unlocking new weapons.

In addition, the game also has Super Weapons. You can get them when viewing ads.

MOD APK version of Draw Duel

MOD feature

Free Upgrade: 3 upgrades are available for $0.

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Draw Duel is a fairly simple game, but it is fun for the player. Despite the element of killing, the game’s graphics are designed very gently to reduce violence, so it is classified into the content category for people aged 7+.

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