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NameVoodoo Doll
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RequiresAndroid 4.4

The scariest thing in the world is not greed, selfishness, or any other bad character, but hatred. Hatred causes pain, destroys the present and the future. Have you ever wanted to take revenge on someone? Try playing Voodoo Doll APK to see your new aspect in it.

Introduce about Voodoo Doll

Hatred is everywhere, it is hard to live like this!

Have you ever heard of games like using dummies with witchcraft to curse someone? What if you are the one who can freely use witchcraft to cast a spell on anyone who holds a grudge against you?

The reason leading to the cruel revenge in the game

There are many reasons why people hate each other. If you ever watch and read Conan, Sherlock Holmes, or all the novels about romance, space, universe, fantasy… you can see injustices always exist, and somewhere there is always someone holding hatred in their hearts. For you, some small reasons A, B, or C may not be big enough for people to intend to harm each other so much. But each person is different in respect of the way of seeing life, the response, the reaction, and the moral concept.

In Voodoo Doll, hatred comes from the unthinkable. There is a light bump when getting off the bus, and they become enemies. The lover is busy with his phone and doesn’t care about the other, and they become enemies. People argue and make noise to others, and they become enemies. In general, anything that deviates from your desire a little bit can become a cause of anger and lead to your revenge.

And the way of revenge is cruel. Because you are a witch, it seems that you came down to this world to specialize in punishing bad people, but maybe you overdo it. Every time you get angry, you pull the magic dummy in your pocket out and then insert a needle to any position you want to take revenge and torment the person who bothered you. The dummies in Voodoo Doll are inspired by horror movies, scary legends of ancient tribes, and distorted beliefs about witches and spells.

Accordingly, the dummy is one of the powerful weapons of the dark wizarding world. They will enchant the dummy to become the embodiment of the person being cursed (usually by putting in the dummies with something belonging to the victim such as hair, skin, nameplates, etc.). And people use those dummies to punish, hurt or control others without touching the victim directly.

The game is not suitable for children

For me, a game is not good or bad. It’s just that you should know what is right and wrong to determine if the game is entertaining or it takes over your mind. Many people believe that children should not approach games too early with unhealthy ideas or too gory images. But I think a little differently. If you clearly set a moral line and let your child play in the right type of game by age and analyze what is right and wrong for them, it could be okay somehow. It is like we are drawing the right path for the deer to run, not letting them run around on their own.

A game with a bizarre idea like Voodoo Doll is also in that game group. In terms of gameplay and controls, this game is for everyone. It’s so easy and simple that even a child can play it. But for the content and the images in it, you need to have certain controls and instructions if you are a parent. Importantly, you must tell children not to misunderstand what is going on as real and not want to do the same in real life.

What about adults?

When you have enough cognitive capacity, the odd idea of ​​Voodoo Doll turns into a comedy. The way the witch holds a grudge against everyone around or freely expresses her frustration through the dummy but not in any other positive way will make you feel absurd and ridiculous. Then you will feel like you are free to do that as long as it makes your mood better. 

No matter the logic of thinking changes, you are aware enough that what the character is doing in the game is not something you should do. And that what we are playing here is only for entertainment, an example to follow.

How to understand correctly?

You must think that it is completely fun to entertain and release stress, don’t place too much emphasis on the issue of enmity. 90% of the reasons that cause anger in the witch in the game, in my opinion, are not reasonable. It’s rare in real life for such a small reason that people hate each other.

In Voodoo Doll, you also do not need to think too much. The operation is only select and touch, do whatever you want. No one judges, no one tells you how to do it right. Because you have the devil behind you, you fear no one. Living in this world, you are the center, and no one can offend you.

Download Voodoo Doll APK for Android

The game has slow, easy-to-grasp progress. It is suitable for stress relief. But it is not for children as it contains unhealthy revenge messages. Playing it, think it’s only for fun, don’t think about it any further. It is such a strange game worth playing, guys.

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