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Automated bookcase

In fact, we live in a modern world, the world of new technologies. Nowadays, people are rather creative and unpredictable. All of us have many deals and are always in a hurry. That is why scientists every day elaborate new ideas on how to automate our daily life and make it even simpler. Almost all automation ideas require linear actuators. You may have heard much interesting information about automated doors, lifts, hidden cabinets, etc. Are you fond of reading? If yes, you may have some library at home. Books can take much space at home. So, you may be interested in a hidden bookcase. Moreover, if you take a special bookcase mechanism, you can even hide the secret room or something else.

Bookshelf secret doors

Nowadays, there are many gorgeous designs for your house. Speaking about the secret bookcase door, people usually use them in their living rooms, offices, and attics. It is a perfect way to hide the secret room, space or something else. Also, it is a great idea for your domestic library. The mechanism is rather simple. You just need to push on the certain book (or just move it), and the door will open/close. The idea is very creative and amazing, as it is rather comfy to open/close doors of your hidden cabinet automatically. In fact, you can build these doors by using linear actuators. Here you can find out some useful information You just need to choose the right model of actuators for your secret bookcase.

Lineаr Actuаtors: What Is The Important Information To Know About Them?

Basically, a lineаr actuаtor is such a mechanism, which can transfer the rotational move into the lineаr move. To do this, they attach the linear power. In general, the lineаr motor can operate just in lineаr directions. Today, most of these actuаtors get more widespread all across the world and are used in a big number of mechanisms. Actually, it is possible to utilize them if your devices have to make a lineаr motion (elevators, doors, printers, valves, etc.). There is a big variety of lineаr actuаtors such as MаgneticActuator, PneumаticActuator, HydrаulicActuator, ElеctricActuator, and MechаnicActuator. All of them have certain features and options and suit varied equipment.

How to build a secret bookcase door?

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Basically, to build a secret bookcase door is not the hardest thing in the world. Moreover, you can do it by yourself. First of all, you have to know the right sizes of the doors and the bookshelf. Also, it is important to count the amplitude and the force in order to choose the correct model of the linear actuator. Speaking about the bookcase, you can buy a ready product or separate parts, or you can design and build it by yourself. Nevertheless, when the shelves are ready, you have to attach them to each other with the help of sink screws. In fact, you can see many varied designs and ideas of building the automated bookcase in the Internet. They can differ by the size, design, construction, form, etc. However, when the whole construction is attached, you should place a linear actuator. Each linear actuator usually involves a step-by-step instruction on how to install it correctly. When you install everything, you need to check the whole construction once more in order to find out and correct possible mistakes. After everything is checked, you can connect the construction to the power source.

Today, people are very creative, especially when it is going about various forms of automation. As for the bookshelf secret doors, it is a great idea to hide some space, room, and something else. Sometimes everyone needs to have such a secret place to be alone and relax. By using an automated bookcase, you can get such a secret place. The mechanism is very simple and you can build this construction by yourself. However, you have to know the correct size to choose the right model of the linear actuator.

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