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Package Nameme.zepeto.main
PublisherNaver Z Corporation
MOD FeaturesFree Rewards
RequiresAndroid 6.0
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ZEPETO is a product from the publisher Naver Z Corporation. Honestly, I still wonder whether I should call this a simulation game or a character creation application. Probably it is something hybrid in between. It is not only a 3D modeling customization app to play and enjoy life but also a character-based entertainment game – a result of a high-end 3D modeling application.

Introduce about ZEPETO

Do you want to play with a cute character with the same identity as yourself roaming all over the streets? Or a little simpler, are you looking for an application that can create 3D characters from your shape and face? Let’s download ZEPETO right away if you have the above need.

First, this is a 3D character creation application

Open ZEPETO, load the selfie image available on the device or take a selfie right on ZEPETO, and start the “transformation” process. In this section, I will call ZEPETO an application. This application will help you turn your photo into a lovely 3D cartoon character based on a face simulation. This cartoon character both becomes the main character in ZEPETO and can also be used as emojis in chats with friends on social networks. To kill two birds with one stone, right?

3D characters are created quickly in this app. Right after that, we can continue to customize it further, i.e., arbitrarily changing and making the character the best product. You can adjust your hairstyle, hair color, face, outfit, accessories, and expressions. You can also make the character exactly like yourself with some sarcastic expressions to make it look funnier (such as a grumpy face, a big smile, or a lovely wink). Because later, this will also be your emoticon when chatting.

Generally, to me, ZEPETO’s 3D animated character creation feature has so beautiful and vivid graphics and rhythmic and flexible movement. It also has many diverse customizations and cheerful colors. The transformation of facial contours from selfies to 3D images is good too. It is even funnier and a bit sillier than yourself in real life. It is so good believe me. But let me tell you guys, this is just the opening, and the body and interesting conclusion are waiting for you ahead. The fun has just begun.

As an interactive simulation game, what fun will ZEPETO bring?

The character creation part is considered complete. Now the real game begins.

With the 3D animated character roaming around on the screen, you can start going around exploring and interacting with all the objects and people that appear on the screen. The city where you live is very lively. But the first thing to do is to decorate your own house and room. Choose your furniture, decorate the interior, and everything to suit your style and personality best. When you’re done, remember to take a selfie with your beautiful house and post it on social media (with the photo-and-short-video tool in ZEPETO). 

You can interact with a lot of objects in the city outside: swing from above to slide down, drive a car, sit on a chair to watch the sky and clouds… Do whatever you want.

And finally, the pinnacle of fun in the process of making friends in ZEPETO. You can actively connect with any player present in the city of ZEPETO. You can text and arrange virtual dates, take selfies together, eat, picnic, camp, or get together to play a variety of fun mini-games available in ZEPETO. If you don’t like hanging out with strangers or available NPTs, you can invite your friends on social networks to join. Create your characters and go on a date together in this amazing virtual world. This experience is great. If you haven’t tried it, you will never know. But you try it, I believe you will love it.

Explore the new world

There are hundreds of things to explore, thousands of things to do with friends in this game. The bustling city world in ZEPETO is also colorful and has lots of interesting nooks and crannies, like a road full of traffic, an empty station platform, or a romantic stretch of green leaves. Explore with friends and enjoy the best moments, it’s all good and fun.

MOD APK version of ZEPETO

MOD feature

Free Rewards without watch ads

Download ZEPETO MOD APK for Android

ZEPETO, after all, is the perfect combination of apps, games, and social networks. You will be free to live with 3D characters created by yourself. You can invite more friends on social networks to interact with. When you can’t go to the street in real-life like this time, this is the best game for young people who love to travel.

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