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NameTicket to Earth
Package Namecom.robot_circus.TTE
PublisherRobot Circus
MOD FeaturesNo
PriceFREE $4.99
RequiresAndroid 6.0
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Ticket to Earth APK brings a new perspective to mobile gaming as one of the rare games that successfully combine multiple genres at the same time: role-playing, combat action, new turn-based strategy and even thinking puzzles.

Introduce about Ticket to Earth

Fight a corrupt system in Ticket to Earth, the revolutionary tactical puzzle RPG!

You’ve played a lot of turn-based strategy games but still haven’t found the game you want or are you looking to try your hand at a new type of strategy that’s more exciting? If you have this intention, please try Ticket to Earth.

This unique game is a combination of many different forms including role-playing, turn-based strategy, combat role-playing, and puzzle. It also has a memorable deep story and attractive custom characters.


The story is about New Providence, a distant planet that is put in a dangerous situation: its energy is running out. The rich have managed to escape from this place and return to Earth. The powerful take advantage of the opportunity to exploit, plunder, corrupt, the people are miserable, the planet is about to be destroyed by cruel plots. You are one of the four heroic warriors of the planet and are receiving a mission to fight the corrupt system of expansion.


Because of the combination of many genres in one game, the gameplay of Ticket to Earth is also very different. Your goal is to fight many extraterrestrial beings and a series of robots controlled by the evil forces of the planet, expose the sins of corruption and restore the planet.

In Ticket to Earth, you have to fight on checkerboard maps. Collecting the right item slots to power up your special skills. Through victories, you will unlock hundreds of battle features for the character. Combining all these items, you will be able to defeat a series of villains, corrupt criminals, powerful robots, and alien monsters.

The real-time strategy system in Ticket to Earth is quite strange, so you have to control everything very cleverly, every move must be thought through. Remember to take advantage of the available buffs and all of your skills to fight, because the enemy will be very strong.

The puzzle system in Ticket to Earth presents in the form of battle strategy adjustments. Matching tiles together to build up attack energy, and at the same time unleash the power of the character. The challenge here is to take advantage of the new abilities, pairing tiles to get the most complete power at each moment to lead you to victory.

As for the role-playing part, Ticket to Earth did a great job with the variety of characters. You have full control over and customize the equipment for defense or attack. More than 120 unique missions are waiting for your characters in this exciting game.

Exquisite colorful graphics

With a slanted view from above, Ticket to Earth attracts players at first sight. It’s rare to find a turn-based strategy game with such fresh colors. The character design style is full of space, clearly showing the future context that the game is aiming for.

The battle itself, a large chessboard, is also designed with many pastel colors, neat and simple, easy to recognize but contains many situations that require a high degree of calculation from the player.

Around a chessboard, corresponding to the plot will have different context designs. The inspiration when playing from there is also diverse and constantly changing.

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Ticket to Earth is a rather strange strategy role-playing puzzle game. You may be a bit confused when you first play. But play a few levels, break the necessary moves, then you will be addicted. Its memorable strange gameplay will make you have interesting experiences.

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