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NameA Game of Thrones: The Board Game
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A Game of Thrones: The Board Game APK is a mobile board strategy game from Asmodee Digital, with the plot based on the novel A Song of Ice and Fire, which we often know through the popular TV series Game of Thrones by George RR Martin.

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game: Famous board game, now available on Android

If you are a movie buff, you must have heard of Game of Thrones once. The series based on the novel is so popular that it has at least a dozen variations, spin-offs, and games, as well as related entertainment publications. The Board Game is also one of them.

The story and scenes in the game

In A Game of Thrones: The Board Game, exactly like the original plot, we will have 6 Houses representing 6 different forces fighting for the throne. Correspondingly, you have two game modes to choose from: play with 5 AI teams, or play with 5 other players in online mode. This game is set in the scene after King Robert Baratheon died. 6 House joined the fight because of hatred and desire for power.

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Of course, you will be able to choose one of the six houses of the kingdom: Lannister, Stark, Greyjoy, Martell, Tyrell, or Baratheon. The main task is to attack King’s Landing to claim the throne. And to get this glorious end, you will have to show off all your talents and forces to win 10 battles.

In the war of kings, you will have to use several political skills such as diplomacy, negotiation, negotiation, finding allies, and decisively eliminating traitors. The most important is strategic, tactical, and smart combat skills. Each war is a new land. The newer territories you capture, the higher your chances of ascending the throne.

Tell a little about the characteristics of each house that you will choose:

  • The Starks are brave, united with good combat skills in the North.
  • The Lannisters are ambitious, able to defy everything to gain power. 
  • The Tyrells are a family that is strong in cunning and trickery.
  • The Greyjoys are a family in the sea, good at looting and possessing a strong navy.
  • The Baratheons have good military skills.
  • The Martells have a strong army in the south with many strong characters.

Gameplay and control are simple, just brainstorming

Six houses in a complicated, violent, cruel war. It sounds too complicated. The war is not only about the military, but also about politics, allies, food, bases … A lot of factors make you have a headache every day.

No matter which House you play, as the leader, every battle, you will appear with the other houses, to choose the alliance and the opposing faction. Each house will have its own cards. I recommend that with this game you should spend as much time as possible to research these cards before going into a battle. Movie is one thing, game is another. Once you understand the cards and each attribute and weakness, you will join into a war more proactive and confident.

A Game of Thrones The Board Game for Android

The cards themselves are divided into many functional groups. Such as the skill group including Lead (leader), Master (allied or opposed), Influence (gathering as much as possible to take up important positions in the kingdom, helping to strengthen the throne later), Unite (against the dead army from the North of the wall).

Mixed in fierce battles will be the unexpected elements that the game plugs into. For example, hurricanes, famine, and disease … Now again, unexpectedly, six Houses will have to sit together to find a way to cope or retreat.

What to do before playing game?

I have two tips that want to send to you who are planning to play this game:

  • Rediscover the infographic of Game of Thrones. I’ve seen this TV series, but if I don’t watch it over and over again, I still forget some characters as usual. And if you haven’t seen the movie, you should dig deeper into each relationship. The movie sets a good premise but is also a psychological confusing factor when playing. For example, Starks in the movie have a good relationship with the Targaryen, then automatically two players on these two teams are easy to have feelings for from the start. And vice versa.
  • Learn about the strengths of each leader and each army. Understanding the top of the field of combat and the strengths of each House will help you make smarter choices when playing the game
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Note when installing

When the game displays “License Failure” message, please select Retry to play normally.

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This game is very good, interesting. Single touch, select for mobile screens that anyone can do. Gameplay is quite simple, just need to learn carefully at first is okey. Graphics are too attractive; character shapes are exactly what we have seen in the movie. Epic battle music, deep fighting music, is resonated by a series of sounds from weapon fighting, character voices. All have created a great epic heroes song, even just a game on mobile platforms. Download A Game of Thrones: The Board Game APK via the link below.

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