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FarmVille 3 APK will take you into the colorful farm world. Get rid of all worries and enjoy farming life and have fun with pets. Believe me, this will be a farming game that you don’t want to miss if you love this game genre.

Introduce about FarmVille 3

New era of farming!


Unlike some other farm games, in this game, the family farm where you come back to work and manage has almost been set up at the beginning and is not a bare land that has to be renovated from scratch. So, talking about the beginning, FarmVille 3 seems to bring more excitement. The main character of the game, little Maria, one day received a message from her family. They told her to go back to the family’s farm to help the family. Already tired of the busy and boring daily life of the city, Marie didn’t think much of it and called a truck to load her things back to her hometown right away.

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It was not too strange because this is her family’s farm, where she was born and had a peaceful childhood. Marie quickly got used to this new life. The first thing you, as Marie, need to do is plant new seeds. While waiting, take a tour around the farmland to enjoy this fresh and vibrant space. Then, once you have a rough idea of ​​the different areas of the farm, you will continue to do things according to the instructions of the game to deepen your farmer’s life.

Breeding is much more attractive

FarmVille 3 has a surprisingly high level of customization. Suppose after a period of work, you want to upgrade and renovate the farm, it is completely possible with a mountain of items that have been collected or purchased in the previous process.

Or if you want to customize the animals on the farm, you can do it easily. There are more than 150 species of large and small animals for you to choose from and decide to raise. The most unique must mention the feature of Crossbreeding to create new animals, for higher productivity and breeding efficiency. With this feature, you are no longer confined to the available breeds but can create your livestock breeds that are suitable for your situation and ability to breed. For example, when you don’t have too many hours to raise livestock and are looking to spend more time on farming but still don’t want to miss out on the revenue from livestock, you can choose to crossbreed to create an extremely new species. This new species is easy to breed and gives money quickly.

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From that exciting crossbreeding process, you can create your unique collection of animals. Like Steinbacher Goose, Emu, Tudanca Cow, Blue Peacock, American Guinea Hog, Bourbon Turkey, or Scarlet Macaw… There are even exotic animals that you have never heard of in real life such as Brown Bear, Polar Bear, Penguin, Red Kangaroo, Arctic Fox, Fennec Fox, Red Fox, Red Panda, Gray Wolf, Black Wolf, Bog Tortoise, Black Swamp Turtle, Brown Kangaroo, Skunk, Tibentian Sand Fox, Macaroni Penguin, Tortoise hunting crocodiles and elephants…

Each breed has its characteristics of breeding and brings different products such as eggs, milk, wool, meat, traction… You can freely buy and sell, exchange them with merchants to gain profits. You can even make your agricultural products from the above items such as leather, horse saddle, cream of milk, cheese, bacon, sheep milk, fleece blankets, buffalo carts… The more diverse the product, the more profitable it is.

Farming is a classic, but there are still a few new tools to support

All the jobs include planting seeds of agricultural products and crops, adopting, feeding, caring, and raising baby animals. Then sell them for profit. Profits earned in the form of money will be used to buy new farm tools, hire workers, and expand the farm in different directions based on a sustainable combination of the classic Garden – Pond – Stable model.

FarmVille 3 allows players to Farm-hands, that is, to hire farmers to support their farm work. Corresponding to each assigned job, you will have to pay the appropriate amount for them. When there are so many things to do, it’s time to think of this solution. Save your strength, give yourself time to think about different ways to make money, then you can go along with the work of getting rich with your farm.

After harvesting, you can decide whether you will sell agricultural products directly or process them into other finished products before selling them. So, in addition to the main agricultural products such as rice, corn, vegetables, fruits, you can also make Bread, Carrot Cake, Apple Pie, Mushroom Pizza, Tuna Stew, Seafood Paella… The more subtle the product, the more profit it brings.

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Along with daily activities, FarmVille 3 also offers a real-time system with realistic weather simulations, sunshine, rain, cold snow, and even wind and storm. These weather conditions all influence the ability, the type of agricultural products to be planted, and the results of the harvest. It is important that each time of day, each type of weather is shown very clearly through visual effects and accompanying light effects. In FarmVille 3, there is also a weather forecast tool, helping you to plan planting and harvesting appropriately. You will feel like your feet and hands are covered with mud and rain and sunshine; you will look like a real farmer. This is what I really like about FarmVille 3. It is also the point that brings unique visual effects to the game.

Graphics and sound

FarmVille 3’s gameplay and activities still maintain their inherent performance. A new set of features like crossbreeding, weather effects, and Farm-hands will bring more excitement to the farming process. And not to mention the graphics are much greater than the previous versions. Details are sharp, characters are vivid, movements are more rhythmic, colors are more beautiful and eye-catching. It can be said that playing FarmVille 3 is playing and enjoying a colorful rural life.

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FarmVille 3 is so worth playing, isn’t it? Absolutely yes, guys. Just a few new things above from breeding to harvesting and processing things is enough for any farm game fan to be curious. And even if you’re a newbie, dropping your soul into a farm game full of fun activities like this will be an experience worth remembering.

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