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NameEmpires & Puzzles
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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A completely new combination between the fighting role-playing genre and match-3 puzzles has created an extremely attractive game, which is Empires & Puzzles APK. Prepare yourself for great battles, fight and become the champion.

Introduce about Empires & Puzzles

As mentioned above, Empires & Puzzles is a product of a combination of RPG elements and a match-3 puzzle. Match-3 gameplay must be too familiar, players need to move to break 3 similar objects. However, not match-3 and get point normally, breaking objects in this game will give energy to the characters, helping them to attacks opponents.

However, that is not the main purpose of Empires & Puzzles. Your strength lies in your team of heroes. With so many heroic characters and different powers, you will have to find and combine them to create the strongest squad. The mighty fighting force will help you protect and build your own empire. Accordingly, you can become the hegemony of the whole kingdom if your power is invincible.


Empires & Puzzles takes you to an unspoiled land where you begin to build your own empire. Initially, the player selected the characters through the magic gate to initially build a squad. And you can only choose low-level heroes with not too strong power. These characters are only suitable for fighting weak bosses in the beginning. One thing you need to know, pay attention to the color of the champion you choose at the battle. In each battle, if you break what colored stones, the corresponding champion of that color will increase mana to use skills.

However, do not be too focused on monsters, you still have the task of building and upgrading your land into a solid and great fortress. To build buildings, you need to collect boost items including meat and metal. To get them, you have to build farms, mines and mining workers there. Meat helps you upgrade heroes and develop some buildings, while metal allows you to build fortified fortresses.

Character system

The characters in Empires & Puzzles are diverse in terms of both elements and strength. They are divided into 2 classes with buff character system and damage character system. The buff characters have skills such as healing, increased damage, increased energy for allies. Some characters in the buff system can be mentioned as Vivica, Friar Tuck, Isarnia, or Renfeld. Damage champions like Inari, Lianna, Elena are capable of dealing damage with a variety of skills such as dealing damage as a percentage of max HP, stunning.

The strength of the characters is divided by star, with the 5-star character being the most powerful and hard to find. However, sometimes the skills of each new character really matter in the formation of the squad. Therefore, do not miss any opportunity to collect a new character. Collecting characters is a long process because there are hundreds of different characters in Empires & Puzzles. In particular, each character has a fairly expensive power upgrade system, so focus on your favorite character.

Build your empire

To be really strong in Empires & Puzzles is a long process. Right from the start, after you understand how to play, you have a lot of work to do. For example, fighting monsters, building essential constructions. Especially construction works with specific functions. In addition to metal mines and farms, Training camps and Blacksmiths workshops are two important constructions. This is the place to upgrade the power of characters and create items. This is also a place for you to test the squad and learn about the strength of the characters you have.

To recruit more new hero characters, you can collect hero cards through daily activities, shops. And on special occasions like Christmas, you can collect rare and extremely powerful heroes. The most powerful generals when upgraded to the maximum. However, the process of upgrading up to each champion (especially 5-star generals) is very long and expensive. In addition, you also have to devise battle strategies by combining the heroes together.

PvP Arena

Empires & Puzzles has a lot of battlefields for players to try with fierce battles. Raid is the most popular mode, it allows players to raid the castle of the enemy and fight with their army. In addition, players can alliance together to create parties together to fight with mighty Titans and compete for great loot.

If you like playing in a story, you can follow daily tasks to explore legendary dungeons. The battles are a place of strength and sharp tactics. Winners always receive high-end and rare rewards.


With colorful and vivid 3D graphics, Empires & Puzzles takes you to a majestic and mysterious fantasy world. The monsters are meticulously designed and detailed only in imagination will make you extremely excited. The most special is the diverse character system, elaborated on both cool appearance and beautiful skill effects.

Download Empires & Puzzles APK for Android

It can be said, Empires & Puzzles is one of the best games for this summer. Fierce fighting, powerful characters, beautiful graphics, tactical, so many attractive things that you can not miss any more moments. So why don’t you download this game and build your great empire?

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