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Evoland 2 APK v1.4.0 (Lastest version) - An epic RPG

Summary about Evoland 2 APK

NameEvoland 2
Genre, ,
Latest Version1.4.0
MOD Features: No
PlatformsAndroid 4.4
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Initially, this game appeals to you by reminiscent of the history of the game, especially the Nintendo series Legend of Zelda. Then you will find yourself in Evoland 2 is an exciting adventure, the sound of Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy and many more.

As with the first version, Evoland 2‘s graphical style will change over time in game history, from the green screen and low-resolution of Game Boy to the colourful graphics of PlayStation.

The plot is influenced


You will be surprised to see the details refer to many other games, but the influence of Zelda is still the most. This means that the plot of the game starts when you wake up in a strange land where some evil plot is taking place. So you talk to a few villagers, pick up your sword and start your adventure journey.

An interesting gameplay style

evoland2 gameplay

If you’ve played A Link to the Past or Timing Hero, you’ll love the combination of swordplay, exploration, and quizzes in Evoland 2. And if you’re a game savvy, you’ll love it. Enjoy some post-modern elements of this game.

Try to rummage through the chest in the opening, you will see the words “This chest would have been open if the development team had more programming time.” And when you go back in time, that means moving from a SNES-style graphics back to an 8-bit era, the companion would say, “I feel different … see less detail.”

Creativity in design

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As you progress through the game, you unlock new features, new technologies, and change the graphics of the game. From pixel monochrome to 3D graphics, you will have new and unique battles.

A game of love

evoland2 graphics

The charm of Evoland 2 is not just from love for game culture, but also in reversing the usual stereotypical elements. And this feature is not only reflected in the humorous dialogue, but also through the sudden changes in the game genre, making the adventure becomes diverse and constantly surprised you.

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