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NameCultist Simulator
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Cultist Simulator APK is one of the most unique card games today. In the game, your task is to collect treasures, train practitioners, and summon legendary gods. Sounds attractive, right?

Cultist Simulator: The card game makes you no longer feel interested in any other game

Card roguelike role-playing simulation game

I was quite hesitant (and also found it difficult) to write down a review about a card game. In casual fighting games, the simulation of a scene or adventure is usually very clear, condensed, easy to imagine, easy to describe. But in card games, often the story is very complex with branching content, too many characters, skills, and types of upgrades. It is difficult to be summed up in one or two paragraphs and I need to play the game hard to understand how it works.

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That’s not to mention the “cocktail” game like Cultist Simulator, where the card style also combines with roguelike role-playing simulation. Wow, it’s really challenging!

But I will also try to help you to understand somewhat about the game.

The game describes the background in the 1920s when the world had too much noise and the shadow of sin. You will be a chosen hero who needs to search for the gods and unearth the secret history to change this world for the better. The brief plot is just that, but the details and the inner guide must be said to be very complicated. You must play and go into each part of the game to understand all the details.

What to do when there is not just one, but a combination of two gameplay?

With the classic card game style, players need to combine cards to make decisions to complete the small and big tasks assigned above. The road to the destination is not easy. You will have to overcome many challenges to unravel every secret along the way such as translating the grimoire, infiltrating an empire, collecting folk legends to find mysterious sects and ancient treasure.

It’s not the final, Cultist Simulator is also a classic roguelike role-playing game. These two genres combine to make the game a new wind in all genres of mobile games today. The role-playing simulation in Cultist Simulator is shown in the fact that players can personally navigate the story and the fate of the character through card choices and card draws. History is not only one, but many different versions, it is up to you.

Cultist Simulator for Android 1440x810

Every card used can change everything around you, forever. Every option to draw old cards or new cards, to combine one card with another will lead to different results. What you are doing in the present not only changes the future but also guides the world in the future.

To play this game, you just need to touch, drag and release your hand, almost anyone can do it. But to understand and master the game, that is never enough. You need to be very focused, thoughtful, and foresight enough to anticipate the situations that might happen to you and the military with each choice made.

You will travel through many worlds requiring knowledges and skills

It is never enough time to talk about the playing process. I can only say in advance that you are not only a hero but also an erudite scholar on all “battlefields” from history, philosophy, religion, theology, literature, technology, weapons … Each scene in turn will “force” you into different specializations. And you need to use your knowledge and understanding to create tools, decode the human and non-human forces in that scene, find allies (I often call disciples), train, share your knowledge with them so that they can stand by your side, destroy the enemy and face powerful god summoning commands. All is to change this world, to bring humanity out of the chaos and darkness of sin.

Graphics and sound in Cultist Simulator

If compared to modern 3D mobile games, Cultist Simulator is not an eye-catching game at first sight. Aside from the initial plot synopsis and the guide along the way, almost all of the big and small developments in the game take place with the cards. Effects are of course there but not much compared to the current “boom”.

Cultist Simulator on APKMODY

The sound in Cultist Simulator is quite gentle, suitable for the player’s thought and mind to work. So, if you are looking for dramatic sounds like pure fighting games, this is not there.

Download Cultist Simulator APK free for Android

Because Cultist Simulator’s qualities are wits, not easy to win just by using muscle or physical strength. Let’s download the game and play now, guys!

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