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NameElite Killer: SWAT
Package Namecom.yx.sniper
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Elite Killer: SWAT MOD APK is a realistic 3D shooter game that is currently very popular for Android. You play as a heroic soldier, taking down each enemy in turn with a third-person perspective. Your job in the game is just move quickly, aim and shoot. You will be addicted after playing this game.

Introduce about Elite Killer: SWAT

Just shooting, there’s no rush!

The best shooting game on mobile!

I’ve played a few shooting games but so far, there has not been any game satisfying me. Many games are too fake, playing a real person but like Superman, being shot and not dying, moving like the wind. Some games are good, but they are too fast and unrealistic, the bullets are used all the time without having to aim and shoot, just touch and automatically hit. For a few others, the graphics are the problem. Until one day I was introduced to this game by my friend and just after playing a few rounds, I have become a fan of this game.

Elite Killer SWAT for Android

The soldier in Elite Killer: SWAT is on a big mission: track down a secret global organization and destroy them before they become a dangerous threat to the world. That’s the reason for the presence and combat scenes in the game. Fascinating start, right? But not yet, the fun has only just begun!

Now I will talk about the attractiveness of the graphics

First of all, this is a third-person shooter, guys, not first-person like in the game description (I think they say that to get SEO points). This third-person design allows you to see the whole scene and be more active in every match. It’s a good thing because the practicality and action scene Elite Killer: SWAT is quite detailed, so if only using the first angle, it is impossible to describe all of it.

Next up, Elite Killer: SWAT has good 3D graphics. The main and supporting characters move smoothly, attractive appearance. A special feature in the picture of Elite Killer: SWAT is although the movements and the game are not too fast like some other shooters each movement in the game is very dimensional. deep. You can also see each soldier’s shadow as you move back and forth between hiding spots. It’s so detailed and the 3D effect is so deep. So, it is not surprising that Elite Killer: SWAT was voted by Google Play editor as one of the action games with beautiful graphics of the year.

A lot of levels that challenge all your skills

Elite Agency: SWAT is available with around 100 levels in dozens of perspectives, themes and missions spanning different regions of the world. So, you can play this game for a long time. It is missing if not to mention that Elite Killer: SWAT has 2 game modes: Local mission mode is to play with the game’s AI and PvP Mode is to fight with other online players.

Elite Killer SWAT screenshot

The soldier pass levels, complete missions will be rewarded with gold which can be used to upgrade weapons. Besides the three weapons that are available at the beginning, which are sub-machine guns, sniper rifles, and stun grenades, in the future, you can also have a series of other “toys” bunkers that total up to 30. And of course, corresponding to this huge number of weapons, you can also imagine how the enemy has progressed. The better the toy, the more gold you need. The gold in this game is everywhere, often hidden in freemium dumps.

What’s Elite Killer: SWAT different from other shooting games?

Shooting style in Elite Killer: SWAT in my opinion is very realistic. That is to say, to shoot an object, you must find a suitable cover, orientate the enemy position, aim and shoot. You need to do the above combination proficiently to kill the enemies. This precision, meticulous requirements, and realism are a big attraction of the game.

If you are used to the type of running without thinking, without hesitation to aim, without worrying about running out of ammunition, just shoot and shoot like in many other speed shooting games, then maybe when you first play Elite Killer: SWAT it will be a bit shocking. In this game, bullets are not endless for you to freely shoot everywhere hoping for hits. You obviously can’t run through a long line full of enemies alone. In this game, just like the real-life situation, you have to be cautious like a true elite soldier.

Elite Killer SWAT MOD by APKMODY

There’s an interesting thing in the game. Aiming at the enemy is not simply pointing and shooting. When you determine the specific target, the screen of the aiming lens on the gun will display larger, so that you can see the upcoming position to shoot at the enemy. Usually, other shooting games I play do not have this part. It is precisely aiming and locking the shot that will determine the number of times to fire at the enemy. If you miss, you have to shoot many times to kill them.

MOD APK version of Elite Killer: SWAT

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


You will get a lot of money after spending.

Download Elite Killer: SWAT MOD APK for Android

The one word to describe Elite Killer: SWAT is just “exciting”. The game emphasizes the realism in each action, the 3D scene looks very real, the way everything works as in real life. Those are the great values ​​​​from Elite Killer: SWAT, a shooter game with no rush.

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