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Name3D Pool Ball
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MOD FeaturesLong Lines
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Talking about pastimes, it is impossible not to mention Billiards, a form of entertainment that is dynamic, mind-blowing, stimulating creativity and human judgment. If you want to play Billiards right on your phone, let download this 3D Pool Ball game to play right now.

Introduce about 3D Pool Ball

3D Pool Ball is a very popular Billiard’s game on Google Play with beautiful graphics, sharp detailed images, modern color scheme and diverse gameplay. Almost everything you need in a perfect billiards game is in this game.

Game mode

When playing 3D Pool Ball, you can play 1vs1 online mode, or go into a championship to win great rewards. It is also the game with the biggest number of modes in sports games: there are more than 18 modes to play and each one is always a mystery for you to discover.

3D Pool Ball for Android

If you don’t like playing with strangers, you can choose to practice offline. The game gives you the option of choosing a Cue and Table. Whether you want the game level to be easy or difficult, colorful or simple, you can choose them all. There are a total of more than 100 cues and a multitude of different Billiards Table colors and patterns for you to change.

Is it realistic?

The answer is Yes. When playing 3D Pool Ball, you will see in front of you a lifelike billiards table, diverse 3D viewing angles, and can be switched at will or automatically. You can see the whole scene from above or look at it from a first-person perspective. No matter what perspective you choose, everything on the billiard table appears very realistic, polished and has impressive physics.

3D Pool Ball MOD by APKMODY

You look at the balls and see. They shine like billiard balls in real life, running and stopping is very reasonable with what you have experienced. Every time it collides with other balls on the table, there are also slight recoil effects that are very true to the real-life. This is one of the rare sports games that I find very real.

Do what you can’t do in real life

I’m not too passionate, but I’ve played billiards in real life many times. Just holding the Cue is enough to show whether you are a real player or not. Then the way you lean against the edge of the table, the way you move back and forth looking at the ball, the way you make contact with Cue and the ball also show your progress. Those things become unnecessary in 3D Pool Ball. No one here judges or observes you so enthusiastically. What you need to show is your true talent to hit the ball to win. That’s all.

And not only does it help you to ignore all the prejudices about cumbersome operations, but 3D Pool Ball is also a game that helps you enthusiastically in aiming the ball to hit. Normally, we can only do it based on experience and considering the way the ball will run on the billiard table.

But in 3D Pool Ball, if you want, you can choose to show the ball line corresponding to the aiming position. This feature helps a lot if you are just starting or are new to handling billiard balls on a mobile game. And once you get used to it, you can turn this feature off and challenge yourself. You choose anything you want, no one will judge.

3D Pool Ball screenshot

But of course, no matter what support the feature you choose, the person who plays on the Billiard Table is still you. For the game to be successful, you need to accurately calculate the force, the direction of the ball, and the number of times you will hit to put all the balls into the hole fastest. How to calculate depends on each player’s strategy. This is the measure of the player’s level.

Attractive side quests

In addition to the main task is to overcome the Billiard matches, rise to the national and world rankings and challenge the big players. You can play a lot of interesting side quests like a lucky wheel, get surprise rewards, daily quests update new, treasure chest… You can play Billiards and never get bored.

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MOD APK version of 3D Pool Ball

MOD feature

Long Lines

Download 3D Pool Ball MOD APK for Android

3D Pool Ball is a pocket billiards game with beautiful images, good 3D physics simulation, many features to support players in each level, there are many game modes to challenge yourself. And lots of side quests that are really fun. If you want to play Billiards quickly on mobile, remember to download 3D Pool Ball.

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