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LDPlayer is a free Android emulator on PC. So far this emulator has gone through many updates to be compatible with more games. So now, how far has this emulator developed? What features it has? Let’s find out together!

Introduce about LDPlayer

LDPlayer was developed by XUANZHI INTERNATIONAL. The company was founded in 2016, specializing in research and development of Android emulator technology, headquartered in Shanghai.

LDPlayer Introduction

LDPlayer is the most popular product of this company, based on the Android 7.1 operating system that is compatible with extremely high frame rates, runs most mobile games with optimal performance on PC. At the same time, the emulator LDPlayer also has exclusive macro keyboard settings, virtualization technology, navigation to enhance the user’s gaming experience.

High compatibility with most Android games

Initially, LDPlayer was made to play some popular shooters and Moba titles such as PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, Arena Of Valor, Free Fire, … In addition, some games have errors when playing on emulators such as Black Desert Mobile, Blade & Soul Revolution, … have been fixed with high compatibility. The journey to perfect LDPlayer lasts up to 4 years and has not stopped there, they continue to develop so that it can be compatible with all Android games.

High-quality graphics

Whether you use Intel or AMD CPU, LDPlayer is best optimized for your computer for a smooth playing experience. This emulator supports unlock up to 120 FPS. For Moba and FPS games, the frame rate per second is very important because just a little bit of distraction, you can lose a game.

In addition, LDPlayer emulator also supports resolutions up to 4K for you to have a better experience on high-configuration computers. Therefore, you will be able to play games more easily for shooters that require high graphics to clearly see the terrain, enemies, …

Customizable controls

LDPlayer supports you to customize the keyboard for each game. For 2D Side-scrolling games, the emulator will automatically set the scroll button is the left, right arrow key or A and D. For shooting games or Moba, the touch Joystick button default to use WASD keys to move, left mouse to shoot and right mouse to use special functions, turn on the crosshair, … And each type of game will have its own set of keys, and you also have the right to customize as your habits.

LDPlayer Setting 1440x810

In particular, the emulator also supports handles of all kinds. Because many people may be specialized in Console games and now they want to change the wind to mobile games, for example, they are used to controlling with the gamepad. Therefore, this feature is made to serve a wider audience.

Support opening many emulators

Most today, Android emulators on the PC are used to play shooters, Moba and some Gacha games, … Therefore, Multi-instance system is made. It allows you to open multiple emulators at the same time, each window using a different game account. This means that when you create a new window it will be a “clean” emulator, not installed anything yet.


This feature allows you to control multiple emulators at the same time. It will be very suitable for games like card games, games where you need to reroll multiple accounts at the same time to find a suitable account for a good start.

Auto-click feature

You can save your actions as macro software, which is great for Tap games. Because to avoid accessories such as a mouse, keyboard damaged by too many clicks or you are not free, you can use this feature to do other things while still playing games.

LDPlayer Key Mapping 1440x701

Highly optimized

Through the process of using, I find that LDPlayer is very well optimized, does not take up much of your RAM. So is the CPU. Even computers using Onboard video cards can use this emulator smoothly.


Currently, LDPlayer is looking for collaborators in many fields to promote this unique product. If you are a YouTuber, Blogger, Influencer or anyone who loves to play games, you can become a collaborator with the developer. And of course, you will receive a commission, always paid on time. All you need to do is promote LDPlayer to everyone.

LDPlayer Collaborators

Download LDPlayer for PC

LDPlayer, one of the best Android emulators on PC today. Among countless emulators, this is probably the wisest and most optimal choice. Because of the outstanding feature compared to other emulators can not bring, I believe that LDPlayer will meet all your needs. This is definitely an indispensable software for those who like to play games with their phone, but the battery is not strong enough, the configuration is not high enough or simply want to experience that game on the computer.

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