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Is Cloud Gaming the Future of Gaming? - APKMODY

Gaming has changed enormously through the years. New hardware, software, and of course, the games themselves; it’s all gone from slow machines and pixelated blobs to super speedy technology that can render photorealistic environments and immersive storytelling. The UK gaming market is now worth a record 5.7bn, and the industry keeps going from strength to strength.

But what’s the latest trend that’s taking the sector to further heights? Well, cloud gaming is one of the factors that’s constantly inspiring a revenue and interest surge. Technology has enabled the video game industry to develop rapidly and it shows no signs of losing momentum. So, is cloud gaming truly the future of gaming?

Well, here’s a few things to consider as to how this could be true.

What is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud gaming brings greater ease and efficiency to the hobby. Just like how cloud storage works in business environments, cloud gaming involves storing the video games themselves in a digital space. CDs and cases are no longer necessary; gamers can now head online, download a digital launcher, search the title they want, and purchase their games, downloading them straight to their computer or console.

For example, PlayStation owners have the PlayStation Store, while PC gamers have a plethora of digital launchers available to buy, download and play their games; Steam, Origin, Epic Games, UPlay, Battle.Net and more. They’re all free to use and all offer numerous titles; some are exclusives and others crossover. In the end, this certainly beats making a trip to the shop in town!


Aside from the obvious advantages of skipping the trip to the shops, numerous benefits come into the picture with cloud gaming. For example, gamers can eliminate much of the clutter in their homes; after all, as the years of a gamer’s life go by, shelves and boxes start to fill up. Titles can’t get lost or stolen; it’s all password protected and stored in one digital space indefinitely. It’s robust and efficient, and so long as the gamer has their login information and device, they can access their games anywhere in the world.

Games can also be streamed between friends – this means pals can use their own devices to observe what their friends are up to on games they do, or even do not, own. In the end, all these things merge into one thing; convenience. Cloud gaming sharpens the experience of everyone dabbling in that world, trimming the fat on all the excess and streamlining quick, easy and secure play.


Surprisingly, there’re aren’t too many disadvantages to cloud gaming. Of course, that’s not to say there’s none. If users are hacked or forget their login information, then their games are essentially lost until these situations are remedied. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes the case that this information can never be recovered; which means the games won’t be either!

Nevertheless, cloud gaming will grow further in the future. In today’s tech driven world, people want faster, easier and more opportune experiences with their gadgets. Ultimately, cloud gaming is just the next step on that journey.

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