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NameZombie Combat Simulator
Package Namecom.illusiveray.zcs
PublisherAirblade Studio
MOD FeaturesFree Purchase
RequiresAndroid 4.4

There are too many zombie shooting games, but what is a game most exciting and interesting? One of the first names that pop into my head is Zombie Combat Simulator MOD APK.

Introduce about Zombie Combat Simulator

Zombie shooting simulation game with Sandbox mode!

What is Zombie Combat Simulator?

Zombie Combat Simulator is a simulation game from the publisher Airblade Studio, revolving around the theme of shooting zombies. But the level of epic and the climax it brings is to a whole new level than you can imagine.

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In the game, you will be the talented Commander of a special task force, engaged in the battle against aggressive zombies that can rush in to eat and bite the lucky surviving inhabitants of the world. Actually, with the form and all that can be done while playing, it is right to call Zombie Combat Simulator a high-quality simulation game.

Zombie Sandbox mode

While other zombie shooting games may have a complicated story, traditional or modern gameplay, Zombie Combat Simulator chooses to highlight its own in Sandbox mode. When playing here, you can freely customize the parameters of the character and the zombie monsters to practice for hours. Before entering the real battle, you will have the opportunity to test your courage and tactical ability by constantly changing, gradually increasing the enemy’s stats to reach a higher level. Customizable stats for both sides, our side and the enemy side, including strength, weapon, attack power, speed, number, weapon type, damage resistance. You can even specify a win condition or a time limit for each fight.

But you can only adjust that. It’s up to the game to intervene more deeply or show what the reality on the battlefield is like. Enemies can appear in any corner of the battlefield, in even the most unexpected places. But you can actively equip yourself with super powerful weapons, with unlimited ammunition and great destructive power, and a series of trenches to stop the zombies. Then you can also slowly increase the number of zombies a bit, make them a little stronger, run a little faster to make the fight more exciting. As if when you explore all the levels in Sandbox mode, you will officially become the master of this game. At this point, what are you waiting for without switching to another mode to fight?

Co-op mode with friends

Playing Sandbox alone is sometimes not interesting anymore. Especially when you have reached the ultimate shooting skill, solid defense, and made a series of different combat tactics. At this time, try the Online game mode, co-op with other players to form a true army, and fight zombies. Playing in this mode is more fun, and there are many opportunities to show off with other players. Besides, you will have more teammates, having an offensive and defensive assistant will help you feel much more secure.

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Freely control the number of troops

This is a one-of-a-kind feature in this Zombie Combat Simulator shooter. Specifically, you can control one or more troops at the same time on the same map as some empire games. The first time I read the description in the game, I found it a bit confused, I don’t understand if there is a mistake or not.

When you playing, you will see that this is a very creative way to play, and it is also one of the reasons to call this a high-quality simulation game. Controlling such a series of soldier characters helps you fight hard between the battlefield, not getting bored of how much the number of zombies increases. It’s also satisfying when playing alone, without having to depend on teammates’ skills. If you’ve trained in the sandbox mode alone to the extreme, switching to this game mode is also a very amazing experience. I rate this game mode 5 stars. There may be some small shortcomings, but in general, doing so is already awesome.

Graphics, views, and sounds

When playing Zombie Combat Simulator, you can also freely customize the first or third-person perspective with just one touch on the screen without having to do too many complicated operations. This flexible viewing angle greatly increases the freedom and excitement of the player.

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The image in this game is as you can see through a few screenshots in the upper part of this post. Just one word to say: “Awesome”. Modern, sophisticated 3D graphics and meticulous attention to every corner. It’s hard to find such an amazing game like that on the mobile platform, especially with such thorough simulation gameplay.

MOD APK version of Zombie Combat Simulator

MOD feature

  • Free Purchase


You can purchase items with real money for free, regardless of the actual transaction.

Download Zombie Combat Simulator APK & MOD for Android

Is Zombie Combat Simulator worth playing? You’ve got your answer after reading this short review. Those who love the theme of zombies bombarding everything without playing this game, it’s a waste.

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