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NameX-Plane Flight Simulator
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X-Plane Flight Simulator MOD APK is a rare airplane simulation game on Android that is highly appreciated by players. Even, many real pilots are also playing this game.

X-Plane Flight Simulator: Make the dream of becoming a pilot come true

X-Plane Flight Simulator, of course, cannot be compared to massive simulation games on PC or console like Flight Simulator 2020 from Microsoft. But to collapse everything in the palm of your hand, just within a smartphone screen, this can be considered a super game.

Why do people like X-Plane Flight Simulator?

Because in each person is always a child. That child has many dreams. The image of a handsome pilot, a majestic uniform, sitting in the cockpit, lifting a giant plane across the blue clouds always has a strong attraction to everyone. Who doesn’t once want to try to become a pilot?

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And because the cockpit is always on the list of secrets people want to know most. Haven’t you always been curious what pilots do behind the closed space on a plane where we don’t have the authority to enter? And here is a game that gives you all the answers. It’s so practical and realistic that even real-life pilots play this game sometimes. Because at work, not all pilots have the opportunity to experience flying different types of aircraft.

The game allows you to experience from the perspective of a pilot

You will see in front of you is the flight path, a large control panel with many complicated buttons, keys, and joysticks. And when the plane takes off, there is a vast expansive sky ahead of you. All show up in detail, clearly and very honestly.

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Of course, to control an airplane, you must go through a free “training class” before you actually become a pilot. The timing of these training rounds depends on your learning ability, because only when you complete one lesson will the game move on to the next one. Anyone who hates working with machines and information should not try it. Just remembering hundreds of buttons on the control panel is exhausting enough.

Just understanding the usage of each button, you can also do the things of a pilot, like:

  • Adjust the angle from the cockpit.
  • Choose a panoramic view of the aircraft in special situations.
  • Keep track of flight schedules in front of you.
  • Track a variety of flight specifications: Acceleration, altitude, pressure, temperature, atmosphere.
  • And contact the ground operator in a professional way through the radio system.

Maneuver the plane properly and handle the situation like a professional

On mobile screens, what we do is really simple just touch, select and drag, tilt the device. But during the special simulation of this game, everything you do is actually a lot more complicated. You must continuously control the buttons in accordance with the process learned from training. Continuously connect to the ground station to receive necessary instructions and information. Gather that information, find a way to process and fly your aircraft according to the route set out from the beginning.

Along the way, you must always keep an eye on your metrics and make timely decisions when changes occur. Any of your control moves need to be very decisive and careful, because one second of error can lead to terrible consequences.

In the game, you can also choose different weather patterns such as storms, sun, windy, changing pressure … to make yourself difficult when forced to collide with unexpected situations.

Realistic interaction and simulation

To mention the simulated effect of this game, it is necessary to mention the 3D cockpit. If you play this game in the free version, you only have two choices of aircraft. If you play the premium version, there are dozens of different aircraft. Each model will have a unique cockpit style. But all are so detailed that it dazzles you.

On the control panel you can directly perform the entire aircraft start-up process with hundreds of buttons, switches, and levers. Flying a plane is not as easy and flexible as on a Hollywood movie, but you have to really do it step by step, each must follow the process that has been “learned” before.

And in return, you feel overwhelmed by the authenticity. Compared to real life, it can be said that the X-Plane Flight Simulator simulates a real plane up to 70%.

Great 3D graphics and excellent sound

Modern, detailed 3D graphics is always a prerequisite for simulation games. With X-Plane Flight Simulator, everything is even more than you imagined. You can see everything reproduced in a detailed and realistic way. Especially the feeling when sitting in front of the cockpit, experiencing each button manually and starting the plane rolling on the tarmac. Then at a certain height, you will be able to see the world below with beautiful 3D landscape. The cities and topography of each region are clearly shown as in the images that you have found on Google. Vivid color mixing, extremely sharp effect is what I feel from this game.

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And because this is a realistic simulation game, the sound is also a part that cannot be sketchy. In X-Plane Flight Simulator, you will hear clearly in your ear the radio guide, the engine start, the sound of wind hissing, the very specific sound of the indicator lights and the important signals on the control panel. And the background for all is the absolute quietness of a real aircraft cockpit. I call this the sound of a pilot’s life.

What do we have in the premium version?

While the free version only gives you a few options in each category (2 aircraft with 2 different cockpit models and 4-5 leveries, lighting control in the cockpit, 5 zones landscape below), the Premium version will give you a series of unique experiences worthy of the most realistic simulation game for Android.

Let’s see what we’ve got:

  • You can land in 37,000 airports, with more than 11,500 airports with 3D terminals.
  • Dozens of aircrafts, from classics to fighter jets or even private jet.

MOD APK version of X-Plane Flight Simulator

MOD feature

Unlocked All

Download X-Plane Flight Simulator MOD APK for Android

And if playing alone is boring, you can join the MMO airport, where you meet many pilots from all over the world. You can exchange and show off your plane. I wish you a really fun and exciting experience with X-Plane Flight Simulator MOD APK.

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