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Wilderless APK is an open world Indie game. No quests, no enemies and no ads. You just need to go and go, enjoy the moment of truly living with peace of mind, that’s enough. Download the game now!

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Wilderless: Have you truly lived a truly free life?

The game teaches us about freedom, and how to open the mind

Wilderless is a game that makes me come back to find out about the definition of a concept that I thought I understood very well: Indie game (Independent video games). These are indie video games, developed and produced by individuals or small groups, with no big investments in funding or massive media coverage like big companies.

And because it is made from start to finish by one or a group of developers, most Indie games are all of their enthusiasm and passion. The developer’s worldview, vision, thoughts, concerns, haunts, or even the things that cannot be done in the real world are included here, clearly and specific than ever.

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Many times, even though the game is made to satisfy a certain desire, they don’t care if it has a player or not. Wilderless is one such Indie game. I want to call this the game of love. The game is made by a single anonymous person, with no support team, no company. It’s pure as the content and nature of the game.

Wilderless is a world for wounded souls

I use the word “content and nature” rather than “story and gameplay” for a reason. In Wilderless, you don’t have any enemies, no missions, no teams, no puzzles, no anything including noise, damage, or loss. Only moments of relaxation, real peace, in the mid of mountains, sunsets, rivers, flowers and anything else can open your mind.

You are a girl, or any guy, choose whatever looks you like, the outfit you want to wear the most, and go. You can move anywhere, any direction in an open space of the vast wild world that seems to have no end. It reminds me of a fantasy movie in which the characters live a perfect life until one of them suddenly discovers that the horizon is a long, long column of numbers. The world they live in is just a perfect simulation of the more radical species. I’m thinking, if I really enter the character in this game, and decide going to the end, will this world still be perfect as a dream?

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Well, it’s clear that I deduced the story in a different direction than the developer’s intention. It is known that this solo game was created because its owner is always struggling with the dream of getting out of this busy and busy life and looking back to the wild, truly living each day, not just a walk. And Wilderless is the place he created to indulge in it.

You can go anywhere, do whatever you want, just be yourself

When entering the free world of Wilderless you will be able to choose to stop at a rockery, a hut, or a small house on the green steppe. Lie, relax, and watch the sunrise, or watch your eyes on the dimness just to watch the last few rays of the sunset.

You can meditate, listen to the voice of your soul for as long as you like, surrounded by the murmur of streams, the wind rattling and the chirping birds.

Moreover, you can also shout at the top of the mountain, you can run quickly through the meadows, swimming gently on the quiet little rivers. Or if you like the cold, you can head up north to see glaciers, and slide on snowy trails.

You can be anyone, anything

You are not just a simple human anymore. In this game, you can transform into an eagle flying through the warm sky, or turn into a giant whale waving in water… They will replace to do all that weakness human can do.

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To new lands, you can change the scenery there, such as choosing the time of day or night, choosing rain or shine, choosing the season of the year, choosing your favorite color tone, choosing the tune you want to hear … You not only live and enjoy the simulated world passively, but you are also the creator using one touch on the phone to control the whole world around you (in the game).

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With beautiful moments, you can use the in-game PhotoMode function to take pictures of your character in that scene. I just wish I could replace the character, enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and scenery in the game for myself. And one last sentence, the game is beautiful and very peaceful. Download Wilderless APK right here.

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