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Package Namecom.turborocketgames.wildcraft
PublisherTurbo Rocket Games
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RequiresAndroid 4.4

WildCraft APK is a simulation game from Turbo Rocket Games. In the game, you play as a wild animal with exciting hunting trips in the vast green forest.

Introduce about WildCraft

Experience the life of nature as a wild animal!

Do you want to transform into a wild animal in the forest once?

You may have watched National Geographic and many times marveled at the hunting skills and the real “battlefield” in the remote forests. Tenacious wolves, strong bears, and agile wild horses… Each animal has its own life and forte. Then have you ever wondered if you once transformed into one of these animals, what would your life be like?

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WildCraft is a 3D simulation game that allows you to do just that, right on your mobile or tablet. Your mission is to roam in the vast green 3D world for searching, hunting to feed yourself and other members of the pack. The cycle of each species in nature is only that, but to do it, you will see it is so much more difficult. I’m not joking.

Extreme customization in this wild animal simulation game

The variability in WildCraft not only just refers to the number of animals that you can play in turn, but also relates to the abilities, tasks, behaviors, choices, and game modes.

No matter what kind of wild animal you turn into, what you need to do is find food every day, share it with your family, pack and protect the younger ones from the enemy. The tasks are quite a lot, but the gameplay is very simple. On the left is the direction control, on the right are the “self-made weapons” used to find prey and defend. Remember that no matter what species you are, you can hunt and also turn into prey for another larger, more aggressive animal. That is the principle of survival in the deep forest. Keeping yourself awake, on high alert, and enjoying the thrill of successfully hunting prey, will bring you many ups and downs in the game. Turning everything peaceful you are looking at into a true wild survival battleground is so interesting, isn’t it? 

WildCraft is also good in that players can freely customize members of the pack or family, by naming, choosing gender, changing coat color, choosing body size… The level of customization goes up high when you are free to leave your current pack to join a new family and chase strange fields.

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In the beginning, you will play as a wolf. And slowly do the quest to continue to open and transform into other interesting animals such as wolves, foxes, bears, horses… You can play solo against the AI or play with a few other online friends. Diverse game modes are also a pretty big attraction of this game. Imagine you and your friends getting together to go hunting in the forest, how exciting it is.

Graphics and sounds

Taking the topic which is quite thorny and sounds like a lot of violence, but the images in WildCraft are shown very brightly, fun, and unique, sometimes even quite cute. For example, through the upgrades, you can let the big bear wear a hoodie to walk in the middle of the forest or let the gray wolf leader wear sunglasses to find prey…

The game chooses a first-person perspective to show everything, from the surrounding green space to the actions and movements of each animal, to ensure that everything is always in sight, clear, and details, especially the attack and “pick-up” prey phases.

The vast landscape with high mountains in the game is also poeticized many times when accompanied by separate designs for each season of the year: spring, summer, autumn, winter. Each season the scenery changes to an amazing extent, just like what we have watched in the natural world TV shows before.

You will get a lot more 

What you get in WildCraft is no longer simply experiencing a dramatic life of wild animals in the deep forest, but also excursions through the beautiful space stretching the game.

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You seem to be transformed into the wind when you are free to run and jump on each endless hillside in the role of a relaxed wolf. You can also drop your soul into a romantic moment when wandering on the forest trail in the role of a gentle horse. Or you can look at the bright green foliage in the role of a grumpy bear. Just experience everything while you’re a wild animal!

Download WildCraft APK for Android

Wild animal simulation 3D game is fun, bright, non-violent with good sound, cute images, and easy gameplay. There are not many win-lose factors but just precaution, vigilance. Just do the task and experience the game. It’s worth a try, guys. Download WildCraft here!

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    Can you make it

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    Can you make it mod money or something it was this game I loved to play in 5th standard

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