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Package Namecom.linegames.ud
PublisherLINE Games
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RequiresAndroid 6.0

Undecember APK is a role-playing game from LINE Games. This hack-and-slash fighting game has a dark but profound story that promises to surprise you.

Introduce about Undecember

This cross-platform hack-and-slash fighting game will make you fall for the depth of the story.


The story of Undecember talks about 12 gods who together created the world of Traum. They expected to live together in peace, share power and rule everything around. But like humans, each god has a dark side. One day, 12 dark sides gathered and formed the 13th god. An earth-shattering war broke out, the 12 gods gathered their strength to fight evil. They won, but the unexpected ending also came. When the 13th god was sealed, it was also when the 12 Aurors were exhausted and fell into a thousand-year slumber.

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Years later, the descendants of the land of Traum have found all sorts of ways and have linked all the spells with the desire to summon the 12 Aurors back. After the effort, the summoning was successful. Everyone was overjoyed and didn’t realize when the 12 gods returned, the darkness gathered again. The unwelcome god is once again incarnate, leading to a future in a battle between the light and darkness.


You will play as the side of the gods of light. The first task will be to find the power to strengthen the gods to prepare for the upcoming great war.

In the game, players can completely depend on their own preferences to choose the gender of the character, choose the weapon that is right for them and can alternately use the two skill tables. It is worth mentioning that these two skill tables change constantly, bringing an unpredictable variety of battles in the game.

Undecember does not focus so much on dividing many classes like other classic MMORPGs. Currently, the game has 3 main classes: Warrior, Archer, and Mage. Each class not only goes up linearly, but can also freely combine many different playstyles, weapons, and fighting styles. They create a great, diverse and unique battlefield never seen before. For example, Warriors can still cast spells, Mages can still swap out multiple elemental types for melee combos.

It can be said that Undecember has broken the familiar concept of the way to upgrade/ enhance the character’s skill that only follows one path in other games of the same genre. Here, you are completely free to choose to upgrade your character in the way you think is most suitable. “Hybrid Upgrade”, yes you can call it that.

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When completing each stage, you will collect a lot of valuable items. When properly combined with acquired skills, it will create a unique character and special fighting qualities for your character.

In short, with a series of great skills, uncountable weapons, and a series of medieval armor from hats, armors, etc., you don’t need many classes, you can still admire the character leveling up quickly and find a worthy position in battles against the enemy.

When playing Undecember, you will see the concept of “constellation”. To strengthen the character, you must continuously upgrade the constellation. Each constellation will have a different strength index and represent a single god.

In Undecember, there are also attractive summoned beasts that come out of myths. They make your journey not alone, more energetic as they help players in fighting.

Game mode

The different game modes are one of the attractive features of an MMORPG. Undecember has a special game mode where you can form legions to fight to win with up to 8 members per team. In PvE mode, you will have to conquer a series of gloomy dungeons, gather strength, and challenge yourself in terrifying confrontations with demons.

Modern and deep graphics have created an epic battlefield

Undecember’s intense, slash-and-burn battles of this game will surely blow you away. Unreal Engine 4 technology makes the battles take place in noise, excitement, and endless bursts of dazzling effects across the screen that lead you from excitement to excitement.

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But it’s not the kind of effect that dazzles you. Everything in Undecember is very moderate, focused, and has a clear emphasis. Your character possesses many rare moves capable of wide-ranging destruction, and the magic lines that fly out are also in the right direction, to the right place, and completely under the control of the player. This is the cool thing about Undecember’s interface design and color scheme.

Download Undecember APK for Android

This Diablo-style hack-and-slash game will definitely bring you moments of passionate entertainment. The innovative hybrid gameplay indeed sets it apart from the existing MMORPGs on mobile. You must try it right away!

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