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Ultraman: The Gathering APK is an ARPG game published by CMGE. The game is currently open for pre-registration and will have a CBT trial period from March 31 to April 7 in China.

Introduce about Ultraman: The Gathering

China Mobile Games and Entertainment Group (CMGE) is very famous in the mobile gaming community. The games developed by them are all very good and attractive. Some typical products can be mentioned as Dragon Ball: Awakening and One Piece: the Road of the Strong. And this time, they bring players a game adapted from Ultraman with IP copyright. With this game, your childhood comes back once again when you transform into the giant heroes.


At the start, everyone can choose 1 of 6 characters. Players can choose from Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Geed, Ultraman Z, Ultraman Zero, Ultraman Mebius or Ultraman Orb. For Tokufans, this is definitely the game you’ve been waiting for. The gameplay of Ultraman: The Gathering is quite simple. You just need to strengthen your character and complete the tasks that the game sets out.

The way to control the character is the same as other ARPG games. Use the left analog to control and the right buttons to attack and unleash skills. Characters have no Mana points. Therefore, during combat, players only need to dodge enemy attacks and freely use skills without worrying about mana.

Transform into Ultraman

Like the main character in the movies. You can transform into any form of Ultraman you own. The collection mechanism is Gacha. Players can equip up to 5 types. And can change at any time, even in battle. Each form of combat has a different set of skills.

Upgrade qualities to unlock more skills with and increase base stats. Spin tickets are also pretty much earned through missions and daily modes. Also, after 24 hours you can get 1 free spin. However, if you want to strengthen in a short time, you can pay to receive more tickets and many incentives when becoming a VIP.


Any RPG game has an equipment system to increase the character’s strength. In order to unlock the equipment collection features, the player needs to perform a level up adventure. You can obtain equipment through quests. Of course those are just the equipment for the beginners. And to own equipment with stronger attributes, you need to form a party and hunt bosses.

Daily activities

In the game there are many daily activities for you to do. In particular, daily events such as world boss fights and raid squads will be open all day. Therefore, busy players can join at any time when they have free time. This is exactly what people like about this game. And do not forget to participate in all possible activities to receive many attractive rewards.

Upgrade the quality of Ultraman

Surely many players wonder if the transformations are obtained through the gacha system. So assuming my luck is not good then I can’t get forms at SSR or UR rank? Don’t worry, you can raise the quality with the same cards. You only need character casts to upgrade them easily.

For example the player has 3 R cards of Ultraman Zero. And you love this character and want it to rank UR for example, you cannot rely entirely on luck. So, you need to collect slowly to match up a stronger card. When combining cards you only need 2 cards of the same rank and some unused cards to increase the quality of the card. So it’s only a matter of time until you have a UR card without relying on luck.


In terms of graphics, there is no reason to criticize. The developer uses extremely beautiful 3D graphics to make this game. The characters are designed based on the original version. However, the skill part of the characters is a bit misleading. Some characters possess skills that are not the same as in the original. And the character is voiced in Chinese instead of Japanese. The music in the movie was also changed a lot. This is a huge minus point of the game for fans of Ultraman.

Download Ultraman: The Gathering APK for Android

After experiencing the game Ultraman: The Gathering, many fans may feel disappointed. The first thing is the P2W feature, it is difficult to maintain an online game without this feature. Some beauty items or accessories for the character must be recharged to own. And of course, players who pay more will have more incentives. Especially the character’s skills have changed slightly. It can make Ultraman fans feel uncomfortable while playing. And I think, the combat system is not suitable for Ultraman.

In short, if to evaluate based on a 10-point scale, the game may only get a score of 6. However, the game’s plot is a bit novel and the graphics are beautiful. Therefore, if you feel bored, you can give it a try. To download the game, please scroll down to the bottom of the article and follow the installation instructions of APKMODY.

Currently, Ultraman: The Gathering is open for pre-registration only on the TapTap app store. We will update the APK file when the game is officially released.

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