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Have you ever admired the policemen who control traffic on the road with just a stick and a horn in hand every day? What if one day you hold that power? Things are not as easy as you think.

Introduce about Traffix

Start fighting traffic chaos all over the world!

What is Traffix?

Traffix is a traffic management game with graphics that could not be simpler. Your task is to be a real traffic policeman who is responsible for standing guard to manage traffic flow by turning on and off traffic lights at the right time. Why do you have to do that? Of course, coordinate vehicle traffic so that there is no traffic jam, no angry drivers and especially no accidents on the road.

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The principle as well as the graphics in the game absolutely simple. You need to touch the traffic light at the right time to change the color of the light. Specifically, one touch is for a car to pass, several consecutive touches is for a whole row of cars to pass. That’s all!

But the game on the street is not as easy as abc.

On the game screen, the vehicle you need to control is the white car, the black objects are the obstacles, or the vehicles are out of your control. The car map opens different roads with intersections and intersections between road segments. That is, when you turn on the green light to let the car go, on the perpendicular side, there is an oncoming vehicle that can knock over the car that has just passed the light at the intersection. A catastrophic accident will shorten your playtime. Imagine that in real life, in a situation like this, traffic coordination would be chaotic and terrible.

Back to the story on the road. If you see a car on the other side of the road, you must temporarily turn on the red lights not to cause an accident. But if the light is more than 10 seconds, the driver will get mad. Each driver getting mad can mess up the whole road. And when this happens, you will also lose points.

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Another case of losing points is when you let the cars pile up too much at an intersection, leading to traffic jams. At this time, the cars are encroached on the route and unable to move. Of course, points will also be mercilessly deducted.

It’s hard to start, isn’t it? But it’s not over.

The route will widen more and be more confusing along the way. Not to mention, there are also more specialties that are overpasses, winding roads that intersect in unexpected places. Then the traffic lights are also placed in stricter positions, so you have to both use your brain and quickly do all sorts of tricks everywhere to coordinate the roads.

After that, there are more bizarre scenes. When out-of-control elements are black, sometimes a big bus, an endless convoy of cars, a long train with no stops, even a huge plane lying in the middle of the road waiting to be towed. What should you do in these weird situations?

Should you play Traffic?

Yes, if you want to challenge your brain and reflexes.

No, if you want something lighter, more leisurely and slowly.

It is true that everyone has a different threshold. What is difficult for one person may be easy for another and vice versa. But to be fair, compared to the so-called arcade entertainment games, i think Traffix ranks in the difficult queue. It’s kind of difficult, which sometimes makes you very frustrated. The objects and details present in front of the eyes are clearly very minimalist. But it is very difficult to really concentrate 100%, to enter the game without encountering any situation where points are deducted.

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Any negligence can pay the price of a series of car crashes.

Any mistake can lead to unexpected traffic jams and outrage.

And whenever you think you’re good enough, Traffix opens up a more confusing map.

The challenge never ends. Players will always be in a state of grappling with the chaos on the streets.

Download Traffix APK free for Android

This is a good game which is exceedingly difficult to play. Graphics and sound are so minimalist that there is nothing to say, complain or praise. To play well, it is important for you to have a smooth coordination between vision, observation and quick improvisation to situations that appear increasingly dense on the roads. If you want a challenge, download Traffix here and play now.

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