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NameTower Hunter: Erza’s Trial
Package Namecom.youloft.towerhunter2
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PriceFREE $6.99
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Tower Hunter: Erza’s Trial APK is a game that combines many genres in one: role-playing, action, adventure, Roguelike classic style. But the graphics are very modern, and the plot is quite strange.

Introduce about Tower Hunter: Erza’s Trial

Let’s conquer the demon tower with the female warrior!


The world where you were born is full of demons. They want to dominate the world and have built their own bases to expand their power, it is called Devil’s Towers. Countless warriors entered these towers and never returned. They fought and were defeated by the cunning and monstrous magic of the enemy.

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Whoever enters a Devil’s Tower and defeats the top boss of each zone will get the cards. This card is like a kind of pass to enter the next areas of the tower and contains the status and power of the person holding the card. Go through all the areas and collect all these power cards, you will defeat the entire Devil’s Tower.

Erza is a strange girl whose childhood was closely related to a demon. It was it that gave her the ability to come back to life after dying many times without limit. It was through this miracle that Erza decided to embark on this long adventure without worrying about anything.


During the game, your Erza will always be revived thanks to precious items. The more treasures and artifacts collected, the stronger the character will be. When fighting, Erza can flexibly combine basic attacks and unique skills to create unique combos. And whenever she dies, Erza will come back to life (thanks to that strange contract) and each time like that, she will become more powerful than before.

Erza’s main task is to find the mysterious towers, destroy the mutant monsters, defeat the final boss, and become the most talented hunter in the world. These giant, dangerous, demonic towers all over the place, will appear randomly in each level. Each level will be a series of battles on many different terrain areas.

Control operation in the game is quite easy. The control buttons are all on the screen in reasonable positions. The character is very flexible with her skills such as running, jumping, dodging. She can attack accurately. The difficulty lies in how long it takes you to master combining elements to create powerful combos.

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Because in addition to the main skills above, Erza will have a weapon. Each weapon has its characteristics. Erza also possesses mysterious magic. And her every move could exude this magic. You will need to combine methods of light and heavy attacks to fight, then switch from defense to attack, then combine weapons and magic to create unexpected blows on the opponent.

The secret to controlling the main character is to actively create Surprises. Suddenly switching from heavy attack to light attack, suddenly switching from defense to attack, suddenly running, suddenly combining weapons and magic… By doing these, you have made the most of your flexibility. And you can hold the key to success in the battle.

Uncover the mysteries

To enter the massive demon towers and fight the hordes of demons like this, Erza will have to go through different passages and defeat ferocious demons with terrifying appearances. In Tower Hunter: Erza’s Trial, there are many hidden passages. The deeper you go and the more monsters you kill, the longer more opportunities you have to open up new difficult missions with so many rewarding items.

Unique and attractive Roguelike feature

After each death, Erza will be revived. But with all the power in the past, our female warrior still retains a certain number of skills, she does not lose them like many other roguelike games. How much you keep depends on how far you’ve come. With these modest resources, you should continue to go further to unlock more new skills and bring your warrior to a new stage. Having a part of the old foundation and then adding new skills, Erza will surely be stronger than before.

Graphics and sound

The game theme sounds gloomy, but the graphic performance is impressively colorful. The typical anime style is unmistakable, creating an unforgettable character system. A sexy, resilient, and very flexible Erza is you. The monsters have a haunting appearance. A series of contexts will make you shiver as if you were immersed in the darkest demon towers. All those beautiful lines, from 2.5D graphics, are embellished with many hot color tones: black, orange, red, yellow… which has contributed to creating an amazing game for players.

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The action sequences of Tower Hunter: Erza’s Trial also appear majestic, even when you use a medium-screen phone to play, the sharpness and clarity in it are enough to make you wholeheartedly drop your soul into the experience. The character movement is extremely good. Aggressive moves with large weapons, when combined with skills, will create unpredictable and bright explosions on the screen.

The sound is a bit softer than the graphics. But the overall impression is still very good. It offers reasonable, moderate, and reasonable effects. In general, I am quite satisfied with the sound of this game.

Download Tower Hunter: Erza’s Trial APK free for Android

Tower Hunter: Erza’s Trial is an action-adventure game for everyone. If you have a high fighting spirit of a man, then the epic battles in this game are guaranteed not to disappoint you. If you’re female, it’s easier to find empathy for the character Erza. All other elements have a common thing: being good and impressive. The plot is also quite strange. What are you waiting for? Download and play it right away!

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