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Package Namecom.CrossBlack.Tornado
PublisherCrossBlack Studios.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Tornadoes are terrible, they come and take everything along, causing a lot of damage to us. And today the CrossBlack Studios developer brings us MOD APK (Unlimited Money) – the game in which you can become a tornado.


If in, you are a black hole sucking stuff inside, in this game you will be a Tornado twist everything.

Eat everything

Initially, you were just a small tornado, so you can only fly a few things. In order to be a big hurricane quickly, you need to go to places where there are lots of things like trees, cars, etc. and fly fast. I recommend that you first point to the forest because in the game there are many forests with huge amounts of trees. You need to be sure to swallow everything before moving on to other places.

If you have not really swallowed everything before you want to move, this is pretty bad because you will lose a lot of time. As soon as your tornado gets big enough, you can roll over big targets like big trucks, houses, and planes. Then you do not waste too much time on small things but just fly over them on the way to the real big goals. The control mechanism is easy, just touch the whirlwind and move your finger in the direction you want to go.

Many modes

It’s not just a tornado,! provides you with different game modes for you to choose from. Different game modes will help you unlock the skin for your tornado. In the normal mode, you will join in the adventure and try to destroy everything alone.

In hunting mode, you will have to move your whirlwind to suck up everything and grow up. However, the main objective that you need to prioritize is hunting down all the Slimer. You can eat green mucus, but if you see a red mucus you must to stay away because it can eat you. As you grow stronger, some of the greasy greens will turn blue and you can eat them immediately.

Besides, the multiplayer mode is a mode most gamers prefer by high interactivity. In this mode, the gameplay is quite similar to the two modes but here you will compete, fight with other players. I advise you in the first place to prioritize the development of your whirlwind, to avoid over-concentration on the other person. Once you have grown up, you will now enter the tornadoes of others to attack them, stopping them from getting too big. It’s easy to spot the whirlwinds of other players by checking the indicators and arrows on the map.

3 interesting maps

The world of! includes 3 different maps for you to experience. The countryside of the village is very real, including a castle and many other farms. There is also an industrial area where there are many construction sites, military bases and airports. Finally, it is the city area, a very developed place with tall buildings and modern facilities.

Voodoo style graphics

Graphics are not having many special, still in the style that Voodoo has done. The graphics are simply designed with bright colors and realistic shadings effect. Peaceful villages with vast green fields will be where you twist everything by your tornado. Everything is simulated in a humorous cartoon style. Along with that is the sound with vibrant background music throughout the game.

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MOD Feature

  • Unlimited Money

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Despite its simplicity of play and graphics, the game of CrossBlack Studios has always been a favorite by the high level of entertainment with its unique style.! is such a game. Currently, the game has only the official version for iOS, but you can download and install APK files if you use Android devices.

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