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NameToca Life: Town
Package Namecom.tocaboca.tocatown
PublisherToca Boca
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PriceFREE $3.99
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Toca Life: Town APK is a simulation game from Toca Boca, an all-male developer group with a unique and extremely humane direction. Town is just one world in the fascinating Universe, Toca Life.

Toca Life: Town: Wake up the kid in you

The humanity and civilization of the developer

What factors will you base on when deciding to play a game or not? For me, it’s the plot, the end, and the real stories behind the biography along with the team that created the game. Given so, I have been immersed in Little Nightmare and Oxenfree for a long time because when I learned about the persons who directly made the game with their obsessions, which makes me very curious and surprised.

Toca Life Town for Android

And this time, I came to Toca Life: Town for the same reason. When I read the biography of Toca Boca, the person behind this huge universe game, I was touched. Although they are very young, they all believe that the game has its positive power that can arouse the infinite imagination of children and erase the boundaries of skin color, position, and appearance. Those boundaries were crammed into children’s heads daily by adults. Every child has the right to live the most freely and happiest life in his own way, no matter how stereotypical or weird it is for you, as long as they can laugh in happiness.

It is an open mindset that not everyone has and makes it happen. But the boys in Toca Boca did it and won the hearts of millions of children.

What is Toca Life?

Toca Life is a vast universe. Every little “universe” in it is a part of our real life. We have Toca Life: World, Office, School, Farm … and more. Of course, Toca Life: Town is just one of them. Each game is a real-world simulation of the above in a witty, friendly, and cute way, which can accompany every child, irrespective of skin color, gender, wholesome or defective.

I was deeply moved to learn that in the above small universes in Toca Life, the producer team even planned to include characters with disabilities or appearance that is not like other people. You can choose to be an albino child, or one with a large scar on his face, or an African child, or a disabled child. In real life perhaps these are someone that attracts many people. However, in the game, children are all the same who can have fun, enjoy and go through their childhood without being subjected to any hardship.

Now let’s see what we can play in Toca Life: Town

First, you have a list of very cute and adorable characters. Children run everywhere. You can change and choose whatever you want to design them from hair to clothes, shoes, hats, glasses, watches … Everything.

Next, you have a town or a small village. Roughly, it’s not too large but enough for all the longest experience of each player. What is there in your village? There are your house, your friend’s house, your relative’s house, restaurant, grocery store, market, supermarket, movie theater, ice cream cart, park, school, swimming pool, gardens, small beach, pizzerias, and bookstores … Everything in every corner of the village is waiting for you to come and explore and have fun.

Toca Life Town free download

Imagine that you can do whatever you want during the day with no rules or ties, and no danger. You can turn into a kid, run crazily on the road, you can invite your friends to build a sandcastle on the beach, maybe you can jump into a swimming pool and come back to eat a hot pizza right after that…. Let’s do all you ever wanted when you were a kid. Live like a real child in a world where there are no annoying adults.

Do not forget that there are hidden treasures in the town. Finding them will give you a lot of bonus points. And whenever you do something right or good, you will be rewarded, generously. You can like throw garbage in the bin, turn off the lights, wrap gifts for relatives and friends, celebrate mothers’ birthday … to get a bonus.

What else makes me love the world of Toca Life: Town more?

You have to pay to play, only a few tens of thousands, but in return, you do not have to be annoyed with any advertising or do not need to spend money to buy messy items like online games now.

Most of all, in every universe of Toca Life, including Town, the developer always comes with the guarantee of safety, features, and a series of additional scenes in the future. Therefore, you may play without ever getting bored.

Graphics and sound make you want to return to your childhood

2D graphics are extremely cute and the creation of characters in the game is very respectable. There are all kids from all over the world. They are dressed in beautiful clothes, with a lovely and very cute expression that captured my heart from the very first minutes.

Toca Life Town on APKMODY

The scenery in Toca village is so beautiful and cute too. They are full of colors, diverse spaces and many new details giving you big excitement. For example, just going to a clothing shop in the village, there are more than a hundred items for you to freely choose, try and watch yourself in the mirror. It satisfies all people, even an adult like me.

Talking about the soundtrack of Toca Life: Town, I can only say one sentence: it will push you to scream! There is youthful music along with lovely shaking sounds. Now, I’m just a 5-year-old child and this is the first time I have explored a large village without having to hear my mother tell me to do this, don’t do that.

Download Toca Life: Town APK free for Android

Would you like to explore the colorful village in Toca Life: Town with me? Just click here to download the game quickly.

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