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NameTiny Pixel Knight
Package Namecom.loongcheer.moke.pixelknight.idlerpg.adventure
PublisherLoongcheer Game
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Tiny Pixel Knight MOD APK is an adventure role-playing game with an idle feature that allows you to play one-handed while still fighting monsters. This game has super lovely retro-style pixel-art graphics. If you like a game that is fun and allows you to show your talent by fighting comfortably, you should put it on the list.

Introduce about Tiny Pixel Knight

Pixel style combat adventure RPG!

You’ve seen a lot of classic platformer pixel RPGs, but have you ever enjoyed a new approach to monsters by investigating their identity and weaknesses? If not, then you must play this fun colorful pixel game called Tiny Pixel Knight.


In Tiny Pixel Knight, you will be told the story of a pixel kingdom that has existed peacefully for thousands of years. But now it is being harassed and constantly invaded by monsters from the underground. The more monsters, the stronger they become, the greater the danger of human extinction, the world is more dangerous than ever. 

While everyone resigned and accepted that everything would end and humans would perish, there was one little Knight who didn’t think so. He always thinks that Humans deserve more. He found out that the reason why we have not been able to defeat monsters so far is that humans do not understand them nor understand the weaknesses of each monster.

So, with a strong belief (once holding the knowledge about monsters, man will have a way to win), our Little Knight set out. He goes on a long adventure, investigates, and searches for everything, information, and methods to defeat the monsters that are rampant everywhere.

The whole progression in Tiny Pixel Knight revolves around this amazing adventure.

Mysterious pixel world

The world in the Tiny Pixel Knight story is already full of monsters. They hide everywhere, pouring out from all directions even in the most peaceful places. Accompanying the Little Knight, investigating a lot of valuable information, and defeating aggressive monsters, you will gradually open up mysterious areas in the beautiful pixel world. Deep green forests, legendary ancient ruins, hot deserts, green remote islands, and even the great dragon’s cave… A total of 10 hidden areas will be present in the game. Each area is a new landscape with attractive colors and… of course, full of monsters.

Character development with a variety of skills

The little knight on the adventure will become more and more mature and stronger. His entire skill tree has more than 200 different moves waiting for you to unlock and strengthen. Skills, once acquired, will never be lost. Not to mention each time you die and come back to life, you will become stronger.

In addition to skills, upgrading equipment also helps the Knight mature and perfect his combat abilities. New weapons, new equipment will help you get ready for the big battles. You can get them by forging and upgrading or you can fight monsters for many valuable items. And yet, you also can summon spirits. Taking advantage of these sacred souls will greatly assist you in major battles.

Massive monster investigation

Enthusiastic about battle strategy (knowing the enemy is the best way to win thousands of battles), the knight will go around looking for records (called scrolls) of each monster species. You read these scrolls carefully to find out the most effective fighting method. Once you’ve mastered a monster through the scrolls, you’ll have a so-called “scroll effect” that gives you more of a chance to win against that monster.

Tiny Pixel Knight is not only an adventure to enjoy but also a collection of a series of scrolls about monsters. After each successful battle, you will get a Monster Index, when you complete the battle with hundreds of monsters, you will complete your Index and successfully save the world.

MOD APK version of Tiny Pixel Knight

MOD feature

Unlimited Gold


You get a lot of Gold after Wish (Gold icon on top of your screen).

Download Tiny Pixel Knight APK & MOD for Android

It is not a great game, but definitely an interesting game. It has lots of things to explore, fun, nostalgic-inspired pixel graphics, and a new approach to monster battles. Many hours of exciting gameplay are waiting for you.

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