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The Greedy Cave APK + MOD (Unlimited Money/Diamond) v4.0.9

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NameThe Greedy Cave
Package Namecom.avalon.cave
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Diamond
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Become a brave explorer in The Greedy Cave MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Diamonds), a very interesting adventure game of the publisher Avalon-Games.

Introduce about The Greedy Cave

After The Greedy Cave, publisher Avalon-Games is known for providing a role-playing game, bringing rogue-like gameplay extremely interesting. They released a second version not long after, along with an expansive storyline and additional features.

Today, we will learn about the first part of the series, The Greedy Cave. What is this game attractive that can attract millions of players in a short time?


The Greedy Cave’s story begins on a large continent called Milton. This is the land of strength. The most powerful people will become great adventurers or demons. History passed smoothly with fluctuations around the kingdoms and moments of peace.

And then, an event happened in the kingdom of Iblis, a forgotten place. Iblis became barren, people exiled by the lords of the south. They have to work day and night to mine minerals in exchange for a meagre supply of food.

One time, a young adventurer stopped by Iblis. He discovered a hole with a lot of treasures. He told everyone what he saw. For this reason, the greed of the lords arose. They sent a lot of soldiers to exploit the treasure. Even the farmers also want to have a part of it to improve their lives. A great war broke out. And everyone does not know that the young adventurer’s untold things are terrifying. They will be faced with pitfalls, monsters and potential dangers.

Become a great adventurer

Join The Greedy Cave, you will play the role of a brave adventurer. Your mission is to explore mysterious caves containing treasures, find and exploit precious resources.

However, your journey has many dangers. The cave contains a lot of pitfalls and monsters. You will have to fight, defeat them to expand the path. The character is equipped with a sword. You just need to tap on the corresponding target, the character will advance and perform the attack automatically.

Gradually, the map in the cave will be expanded. You can get more treasures, but you also face more dangers.

The Greedy Cave has a lot of challenges coming from the evil monster boss. You will have to develop the character’s abilities, as well as his intelligence to defeat the enemy. Special skills and equipment are the keys to overcoming difficulties.

Greed will keep you from having a good end

Treasures are a great temptation. But, you know, greedy people often don’t end well. The Greedy Cave conveys this message in its content. You may not have noticed it at first. But then, you will know it when your character dies and everything you gathered during the past time is completely lost.

The Greedy Cave warns players that being greedy can lead to a bad end. The quest system also only requires you to search for a certain number of items. You can explore longer in the cave and seek to find more, but know where to stop to return to Iblis and be better prepared for the next journey.

Develop your character

Although The Greedy Cave is a fairly simple RPG game, it still includes character equipment features. You can develop your character by giving him armor, weapons, and some special costumes. They will contribute to increased strength and defense stats. As a result, the character can hold out longer in the journey to conquer the cave.

Besides, the character can also learn new skills. Although he can only use basic slashing skills while at level 1, as more missions complete, new skills will be unlocked. He will fight more forcefully against fierce monsters.

MOD APK version of The Greedy Cave

MOD feature

Unlimited Money/Diamonds: You can use money and diamonds in this MOD APK version to shop for equipment and unlock premium features in this game.

Download The Greedy Cave MOD APK for Android

Join The Greedy Cave to become the greatest explorer Iblis. A dark cave with precious treasures, monsters and hundreds of challenges await you. Are you ready to conquer?

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  • crazyrican777 avatar

    Hello, can you plz update this, thanks!

  • kocakperawat avatar
    ibnu dika bintara

    I have update with install new mod.. but if i open it’s saying please update the game again..

  • inanx-gamer avatar

    It’s saying that installation is incomplete and that it needs to download again.

    • apkmody avatar
      Anh Pham

      You need Obb

    • inanx-gamer avatar

      I had the obb folder from the zip file placed in obb folder as well, similar to how I do it with other games.

      Thanks by the way, mody! You’re awesome

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