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NameThe Girl in the Window
PublisherDark Dome
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RequiresAndroid 4.4

The Girl in the Window APK, a horror-style puzzle game will leave you feeling thrilled but equally sensational. Download the APK file of the game, install it on your device and start exploring the thrilling story that is hidden behind!

Introduce about The Girl in the Window APK

Referring to the horror-style puzzle game, most people will think of The Room, Limbo or any version of the Cube Escape series. However, if you want to expand your experience and discover new stories, play The Girl in the Window. This game was released by Dark Dome and it currently has a fairly high rating score: 4.8/5.

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The Girl in the Window begins with the fear of the people in a town on the outskirts of the city. Lately, strange things have been happening all the time. The scene here becomes dark and every time the night falls, there are also strange noises. Someone had discovered the silhouette of a girl with long hair, often appearing at the window and looking down on the town. It was inherently normal until they realized it had been abandoned over 20 years ago, and a young girl had been murdered.


Turns out, behind those sensational images and trailers, The Girl in the Window is a physics interactive puzzle game. This is interesting when you are put in the role of a detective. While visiting the house, the door was accidentally locked, leaving you stranded. Then, while trying to escape from this gloomy place, you need to solve the murder case 20 years ago.

Start the game, on the screen appears the text summarizing the plot. In the abandoned house, you need to find clues based on the objects of the house, thereby linking them and uncovering the mystery of the case 20 years ago. Everything can interact, you touch something and they are put in your pocket.

The Girl in the Window apk 1024x630

My first challenge was in the bedroom and living room. There was a locked cupboard with a sealed door. I thought that somewhere, I could find a key. Indeed, there was a key in the drawer, under the television in the living room. Thanks to that, I found a notepad named Diario, but maybe it was an unfinished written diary. It tells of a strange man, with a big physique, is wearing a hat and black cloak. The girl was scared when he tried to break into the house for many nights. However, when it reached her parents’ ears, the girl did not believe it, and then the diary was abandoned.

Right after that, I moved to other areas and noticed that picture of the strange man hanging on the wall, I tried to find related things and it led me to the next challenge.

A logical game

The script of The Girl in the Window goes on and on. You need to fill your inventory by collecting clues and other items in the house. The interesting thing is that they can be combined and interacted with each other. For example, you take the tape and put it on the TV to play content. However, the power cord was broken. You need to connect them to a plug to be able to connect to the power. Besides, safes containing passwords. You need to find a way to open them because most likely, the mysteries are inside.

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Overall, this is a fun and logical game. As time goes by, the riddle gets harder and harder. You need to find ways to connect the items together to find a solution.

Graphics and sound

The Girl in the Window built on 2D hand-drawn graphics, with cartoon style. But if you pay a little more attention, you will find that these details are quite mysterious and quiet design. Moreover, the graphic is combined with scary sounds creates a quite scary space for players.

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Download The Girl in the Window APK for Android

What happened in an abandoned house 20 years ago? Who is the mysterious man once written in the diary by the girl? How is he involved in the case? Perhaps only you can give reasonable answers. Download The Girl in the Window APK and explore now!

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