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NameSurvivalist: invasion
Package Namecom.teslagamesglobal.survivalist
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold/HP
RequiresAndroid 5.0

There are few zombie games that make me curious about the plot like Survivalist: invasion MOD APK, a combat action role-playing game combined with survival adventure from Megaloot. Not only do we fight in hard survival battles, but we also have to uncover a series of scary plots behind everything.

Introduce about Survivalist: invasion

Still a zombie survival game, but why so nostalgic?


You are a special forces marine. On the flight to the next mission, suddenly the plane exploded and crashed on a strange island. The survival began here, more terrifying than ever. This place is not an ordinary desert island. It is full of hideous zombies around you and other survivors. Only when you fight together, use all your abilities, have the will to survive, and experience yourself, can your team uncover the whole secret of this gloomy island.

Survivalist invasion for Android

The devils before your eyes are just the tip of the iceberg. Behind them is a terrible terrorist plot. Uncovering everything, you and your team will discover that this island is where powerful secret societies and underground terrorist organizations shake hands to conduct the wildest and cruelest experiments in history. Is the world threatened? Or will you and your teammates together destroy the dark conspiracy here and prevent global catastrophe? Which nightmare will really come?

In my opinion, Survivalist: invasion is an interesting survival role-playing game though the details and context are not very new. But the way the story puts you in a “stuck position” and makes you stranded in a space with no way out, along with a bunch of evil zombies who are fierce and bloodthirsty everywhere. Here is not only fighting and survival. You must also embark on an adventure to find out the mystery behind this bizarre island.


Talking about the gameplay, I would like to divide it into two levels.

At the basic level, Survivalist: invasion has fairly classic gameplay, gathering all the necessary qualities of a role-playing, adventure, and fighting-for-survival game. You will explore different lands on the island, make alliances with survivors, search for resources, craft weapons, and equipment, build and fortify your army together. Parallel to that is a series of confrontations with many different enemies on the island, from classic zombies to super-powered mutant zombies, and finally, the terrorist army behind all the terrible things here.

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And at higher levels, to really take control over the game, you need to train yourself in many skills and continuously improve your armor, weapons, and equipment. This island is also where you meet many people, each of whom points or leads you on a different quest. Complete missions and join in an alliance to kill zombies and monsters, and you will receive many different rewards. That’s your chance to upgrade. Choosing which items to upgrade, which materials to use to make the right weapons will help you get the corresponding advantage. This is the part that requires a lot of brainstorming. Choosing a little wrong is to go a mile, sometimes paying with life.

Where do survival items and resources come from?

Let’s talk about the story progression in Survivalist: invasion a bit more. The archipelago is a “secret site” for terrorists and secret factions. However, at the same time, many combat forces, from unknown scientists to agency employees of American intelligence, have infiltrated it. The same common goal is to silently observe, fight and destroy the dark forces. All of them do not want to “pull a vine and shake the woods”. So, any approach from you will cause initial doubt and apprehension. Chat and follow the information from each person, and you will get valuable clues and collect many interesting items.

Survivalist invasion MOD by APKMODY

Note! This is not only an RPG but also a survival game. So, everything must be collected and made by yourself. For example, building a base requires objects, such as duct tape, wood, ropes, screws, nails, hammers… These items are partially found around the island or obtained through the rewards from the quest.

So, the principle of playing from beginning to end is not-to-miss-any-corner. Do not ignore any small object. From the coast to cliffs, laboratories, and abandoned military bases… Wherever there are more monsters or zombies, there will often be many items. This kind of balance is well implemented so that the gameplay is not too messy, both challenging and motivating.

MOD APK version of Survivalist: invasion

MOD features

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Reanimator
  • HP Doesn’t Decrease
  • Not Hungry
  • Not Thirsty

Download Survivalist: invasion MOD APK for Android

It is such an epic 3D game with a dramatic top-down view. In just one game, there are so many things: getting lost on a deserted island, finding mysterious people, building a base, surviving at all costs, fighting zombies, discovering plots… Is there any reason why you don’t play it? Absolutely NO!

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