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Sumire APK is a game from the publisher and developer GameTomo (Japan). Sumire was voted Best Short Game of the Year in many ways: beautiful story, emotional storytelling art, process visuals and graphics, gameplay with many interesting episodes, ups and downs, bittersweet and sweet. An art picture full of light and dark but with rare authenticity. You have to play Sumire if you want to find a little more flavor in life.

Introduce about Sumire

Life lessons from a beautiful journey: Every happiness needs trade-offs


Sumire revolves around the adventure that makes anyone touched by the little girl Sumire. The beloved grandmother has passed away, and Sumire wants to find a way to see her again and have a happier life than the present. To do this she accepts the invitation of a mischievous spirit and must go on an adventure into many strange lands to have her wish fulfilled. The difficulty is that every day before nightfall, the little girl has to complete a series of tasks entrusted by the mysterious spirit during the day.

On her adventures, Sumire met many people, many strange characters. Each of them gives her many instructions, but only by helping them enthusiastically, honestly, Sumire can get to the bottom and find a way to bring her back to life.

The story is not simply the adventures of a little girl. It is also a profound lesson about justice, honoring promises, and caring and understanding. In life, if you do not have these qualities, you certainly cannot reap good results.

Not all Sumire endings are happy. Everything you do, pursue, keep your word, or choose to ignore brings about the corresponding end. Is “happy life” the big message that Sumire wants to bring to players?

Graphics and sound

The whole story is both strange and fascinating, full of emotion Sumire is recreated in the context of an ancient Japanese village. You can come across familiar drawings that are already the hallmark of Japanese anime art. Many scenes open up enchanting, the characters are beautifully shaped, clear, and confident. Every small item, memento, and strange creature on the road that Sumire encounters is meticulously designed in every detail. The light and dark scene of each day changes spectacularly.

The lighting effects, magic, or highlights that need to be completed related to the task are displayed just right, not too dazzling, just creating the necessary shimmer. The music is melodious and fits the story.

Not the game with the best graphics, but everything in Sumire fits very well, logically. Importantly, they are full of emotions and bring deep empathy to players.


You will play the role of little Sumire. The big challenge for her is that in a day, she must complete a journey through the ancient village. But not only passing through, but Sumire also had to linger in many places, meet many people, and be assigned countless tasks to complete. Sometimes it’s as light as finding hidden objects, collecting a few pieces of an artifact to return to its owner, but sometimes it’s as heavy as fighting strange creatures that are trying to infiltrate the village.

Sumire wasn’t exactly a warrior. But in her, there is the determination to help her grandmother come back to life, the mind of a pure child, and a heart that does not know how to back down. You will help her make the best choices for the end.

Although doesn’t have a weapon in hand, Sumire can have the opportunity to collect a lot of rare and strange objects on the way. Sumire also gets to test her skills and improve herself through this challenging adventure.

Sumire must learn to deal with her emotions, make decisions, and accept the results (or consequences) of those decisions.

The art of character building

Revolving around Sumire and everything stems from Sumire’s feelings. The little girl was built as a child who bore her many losses in life, which should not have been experienced at such an innocent age. Sumire lost her beloved grandmother, and her parents were too busy to take care of her. Best friend Chie suddenly becomes a bully one day…. Sumire’s biggest wish in life right now is to go to a better world.

That dream was so big that it became a desire that invaded Sumire’s heart and mind. Until one day it reached a cunning reclusive soul. The spirit appeared to Sumire and asked her to do some things if she wanted to live the happy life she wanted.

In the entire process, from the beginning of his appearance to the completion of his adventure, Sumire is a very detailed and meticulously crafted character. From actions, movements to eyes, facial expressions, and many other small details. It is the success in character building along with the top-notch narrative art that makes the story so memorable in the hearts of players.

The point I don’t like in Sumire

You not only control the character to solve puzzles, find the way, and fight when needed, but most importantly, in this game, are the CHOICES. How does Sumire deal with her friend turned bully, did Sumire make a promise to a scarecrow on the street and then forget about it? Did Sumire quietly walk away when she witnessed an injustice?

I’m not saying it’s right that this game forces players to make decisions. Sometimes it is quite unfair and inconsistent with the outside life. Even if it is only good and bad by default, there is nothing in between, or Sumire herself is not entitled to say her personal opinion why decide like this. But with a mobile game, and trying to think with the immature mind of a child, logical thinking like this is also temporarily acceptable.

Download Sumire APK for Android

Playing Sumire takes just over 2 hours. Compared to many current mobile role-playing games, this number is not much if not too modest. But in every second of your existence with Sumire, your heart and mind will truly “live” with her. Whether the game heals or becomes a memorable life lesson, it’s all up to your choice for Sumire.

According to initial information, Sumire will launch on May 26, 2022. In the meantime, you can experience some other games on APKMODY.

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